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Butterfly Kiss

I remember quite well when my mother showed me what a butterfly kiss was, she fluttered her eyelashes against mine, I can remember the tickling feeling as we fluttered them together and from then on only wanting butterfly kisses when I went to school or when she put me to bed. It’s funny the things I remember about her from my childhood.

Just in case you were in any doubt what a butterfly actually was

Just in case you were in any doubt what a butterfly actually was

Yesterday Tilly and I were just hanging out together, having some rare Mummy and Tilly time, just being together, not doing anything in particular. She climbed on to my lap and demanded a cuddle, she has become very cuddly lately, and I showed her how to do a butterfly kiss. She thought it was very funny, very ticklish and lots of fun. Then I showed her how to do an Eskimo kiss (and apologies to any Eskimos reading as I realise this is probably total bollocks) by rubbing our noses together. She found this almost as funny. Tilly then decided to make up her own.

It is called an ‘escalator kiss’ and it involves rubbing foreheads together, then there was the ‘ant kiss’ which involves rubbing chins together. I’m sure the permutations of the original butterfly kiss are many and varied and given time I’m sure Tilly would uncover them all. She is rather eccentric as anyone who reads this blog will know.

This afternoon they have mostly been playing Queen & Tinkerbell. Eliza is the Queen (natch) and Tilly is her faithful servant Tinkerbell. They play their roles perfectly. Tinkerbell runs around after Queenie fulfilling her every whim.

“Tinkerbell I’d like a snack, please go and ask the great kitchen fairy.” That’s me by the way (of course).

“Ok.” patter, patter, patter, “Mummy the Queen would like a snack please.”

“No Tilly, not Mummy she’s the kitchen fairy!”

“Sorry Eliza.”

“No I’m not Eliza, I’m the Queen!”

“Sorry….Queen. Er, Kitchen fairy? Eli..I mean the Queen would like a snack please.”

“Ok, Tinkerbell, but I want a butterfly kiss first.”

“Ok Mummy” said in a whisper.



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