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The Very Easy Pancake Making Guide

The irony of ‘pancake day’ has always amused me. Shrove Tuesday is the day on which we traditionally get rid of all the goodies in the house, including the flour, eggs and milk, apparently, before fasting for Lent since we must become ‘Shriven’. However aside from the genuine Christians Lent seems to have become yet another motivation for doing something we don’t really want to do. Like giving up chocolate or wine or mini-cheddars.

And the irony is that we actually buy the stuff we need to make the pancakes rather than use it up, and I have heard tell that there is such wondrous confection called ‘pancake mixture’. I mean how hard is it to crack an egg, chuck in some flour and add some milk?

Big pile of pancakes

Big pile of pancakes

Anyway. We are big on pancakes in this house. Him indoors is more precise in his calculations than me and I believe he adds a pinch of salt and incredibly manages to use almost all the kitchen implements when he makes them. So clearly they are better than mine.

But if you’re like me and a bit slapdash in the kitchen then here’s my Very Easy Pancake Making Guide:

1.Get a big bowl

2.Spoon in about 3 big desert spoons of plain flour – or get a handy 3 or 5 year old to do this, they are very neat with it and it won’t end up on the floor, honest.

3. Crack in an egg – best to do this yourself

4. Add a good glug of milk, I’d say probably about a cupful. Either get the child to help or do it yourself depending on how much you want to make it into the bowl.

5. Whisk it all up with a big hand whisk (I use an manual one, as the electric one him indoors bought me for Christmas blew up). They tend to work best when the mixture is the consistency of single cream.

I cook them by putting a knob of butter in the frying pan then adding in the mixture once it’s melted. I have the hob on about 7 or 8 (mine’s electric). When it’s firm enough to easily lift away from the pan you can flip it. I rarely flip them in the air as they always land wrong, if indeed they land back in the pan, so I just flip them with a spatula.

The first one’s always rubbish, but after that you’ll get about 10 or so pancakes from that mixture, if you use a small frying pan.

Tilly likes lemon and sugar, Eliza just likes sugar. If we’re feeling virtuous and healthy we have fruit on top. If being virtuous is a bit dull then we add squirty cream. They are a Saturday morning staple.

So if you use a pre-made mixture why not try actually making them? They are dead easy and when you realise how easy it is you can make them more often. They’re really very nice and actually pretty healthy if you don’t cover them in chocolate spread or too much sugar.



  1. I was bemoaning this very fact just this morning. Also, why by lemon in a container that looks like a lemon…just by a lemon people. It’s madness! I love pancakes, and also use every utensil we own. I do however, fall into the trap of buying extra things to go in them…which defeats the object of getting ready for lent really. Not that I could ever fast!!

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