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World Book Day or Why I Like Tinkerbell

Today is World Book Day, I only know this because my eldest daughter had to go to school dressed as her favourite character from a book. But dressing up as Topsy from Topsy and Tim or as Jesus (yes the Children’s Bible is pretty much up there as the favourite right now..) would have been a bit tricky. Topsy just has bunches, jeans and a t-shirt which pretty much would have been Eliza going as Eliza, and Jesus, well we just didn’t have the right shoes.


She did what any self respecting 5 year old girl would do, she wore a Princess dress and said that all of a sudden The Nutcracker was her all time favourite story and she was, of course, the Sugar Plum Fairy.

Eliza looked absolutely nothing like this.

Eliza looked absolutely nothing like this.

As it was World Book Day there was a second hand book sale at school, so I stayed for a quick cup of tea and a chat before getting the train. One of my friends had a Tinkerbell book tucked under her arm. She pointed out that Tinkerbell was actually the best of a bad lot of Disney created fairies. You see Tinkerbell has a job, she works hard, she doesn’t just lie on her back waiting for a Prince to come and kiss her like Sleeping Beauty. She doesn’t just sit back and take it when her Stepmother makes her scrub the floors like Cinderella. She’s got gumption and she makes mistakes because she’s a bit over ambitious as times. Yes I agree with my friend, Tinkerbell is actually okay.

Tinkerbell was not happy with her nose-job

Tinkerbell was not happy with her nose-job

Whilst on the train to work, I idly flicked through Twitter and noticed that this blog had been nominated for a MAD Award for Best Blog of the Year. That’s nice isn’t it? Thank you very much to whoever nominated it, I owe you a drink.


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