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Popularity Contests and Blog Anxiety

Is this any good?
Does anyone read this blog anyway?
Can I write?
Is it all a load of crap?
Am I subjecting my children to embarrassment when they’re older?
Am I writing honestly or am I too worried about what Aunty Mabel might think?

Ever ask yourself these questions? I hadn’t for a while but then the blog award season seems to have arrived and I’m remembering the ‘blog anxiety’ I had when I first started this. The awards, the rankings, the popularity contests. Makes me want to close this blog down and go back to writing a paper diary. It would probably be more depressing to read in years to come (more honest you see) but it wouldn’t be so, well, so out there, for anyone to pick holes in.

Suddenly I feel like I’m walking down Oxford Street in my knickers. Over exposed and terribly self conscious.

PR people having started asking me what my monthly visits are, they want to know if my blog is ‘worth’ their time or their client’s patronage. The cheek. Does this stuff actually matter to me? By publishing it I guess I should expect this kind of judgement.

But I don’t like it so much anymore

Oh shit

I’m having a proper blog wobble.

I feel like the worlds’ a big party and I’m not invited.

Haven’t felt like that for years.

Ignore me, I’m nuts.



  1. Hi Holly. I am glad you wrote this post. I am going through a bit of a wobble myself. I’ve also been asked by PRs how large my stats are, and that makes me paranoid. But I will continue to write as I like it, come what may with statistics and all that…

    • itsamummyslife says:

      Thanks Cathy, and thanks for commenting as I hadn’t yet discovered your blog and it’s lovely. It is great to have a space to write isn’t it? I think that’s at the heart of why I do it.

  2. Oh lovely…you aren’t alone in this, I too have been having similar doubts. I keep telling myself I’ve met some lovely people through blogging, and virtually shared some amazing experiences.
    If you can also remember not just the early wobbles, but the reason you started in the first place…?
    I for one am still reading!

    • itsamummyslife says:

      Hello! Yes you’re right, it’s important to remember why I do it. The wobbles come and go don’t they? Life feels better today.

  3. Oh the famous blog wobble, feeling over exposed or worse over exposing our children… I get that ALL the time. It comes and goes. I haven’t stopped yet, just re adjusted. I don’t want to stop yet I don’t want to much personal stuff out there… one thing is for sure though I have stopped worrying about popularity. I don’t comment much anymore but I read a lot and you are still one of my favourites. There are tons of blog out there and what matters is that as long as you find positive in it then you are doing the right thing :)

    • itsamummyslife says:

      Thanks Peggy, very wise! You were a great ‘blog mentor’ when I started and it’s lovely to keep up by reading your blog. There are so many now aren’t there? It’s just taken off like crazy. Hope the boys are well xx

  4. I think your blog is well worth it! Xx

  5. Caroline says:

    I always think (hope) your blog is just want you want it to be. I read, just like I’ve always done, because I like your words, observations and style.

    I know how you feel. For me, the only way I got rid of my wobbles was to stop one blog and start another. But I do regret that sometimes. Well, more specifically, I regret getting less readers now!

    Whether it’s on paper or magical Internet pages which live in the clouds, either are an amazing documentary for your girls. Imagine they didn’t have this?!

    Wobble not my friend, your words rock, that’s actually the bit that matters. X

    • itsamummyslife says:

      Thanks Caroline for such lovely words. You’re right about it being an amazing documentary for the girls, that’s what it’s for of course. They get to see what they were like when they were little in all their tantrumming, random conversational glory! http://lettersfromyourmum.wordpress.com/ is a gorgeous blog and you write beautifully, I love it x

  6. We need to stop and realax sometimes.

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