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Guest Post: Mother’s Day from a Son Who’s “Left the Nest”

When Matt got in touch about a guest post for Mother’s Day, I was intrigued to see what he’d write. The result is a very thoughtful, reflective appreciation of his mum which brings a different perspective to this blog. Enjoy!

As a son who has ‘left the nest’, my perspective of motherhood and mothers has altered entirely from the days gone by when I would wail to my mum that she hadn’t done this, that or the other to my liking, or that my brother was bothering me. As a second child, I will admit that I was rather jealous at times, even though my brother never received preferential treatment. It’s just hard to see things like that when you are a young kid, and as a result, I think my jealousy manifested itself in a tendency to think in a rather self-centred manner. I would argue, however, that many young children are self-centred to some extent. It isn’t that they are bad mannered or obsessed with themselves; it’s that they are still developing their senses of compassion and empathy and can sometimes find it hard to see things from another person’s perspective. This is where days such as mother’s day can become a great opportunity to encourage your children to see things from another perspective and to understand what it is to be their mother – all the while enjoying the day together and the little surprises they come up with for you.

Obviously mother’s day is supposed to be a time for your child or children to show their appreciation and love for you as a mother, and many families do this in very unique ways. It can also be a day to allow your children to see what it is that you as a mother do for them, with the hope being that this results in an increased understanding of the effort you put in for them on a daily basis – not to mention the juggling of work and home life. After all, mother’s day is a day for appreciating mothers and the very special job they undertake.

Our household would always try and give mum a backseat on mother’s day and we always sought to make her day as comfortable as possible. The only problem being that mother’s day, or mothering Sunday, was exactly that – a Sunday. Even with our valiant attempt to let her take it easy, she couldn’t help but notice that by 3 o’clock no one had started to wash the school uniforms. Unfortunately this meant she never quite got to take it as easy as we had intended.

The moral of the story? A household with a mother figure relies upon them just as a roof relies on its supporting walls. It is easy to take them for granted, or overlook the astoundingly selfless efforts they go to in order to maintain the smooth running of a household. It is sad that this happens, but I’d like to say it is largely unintentionally so. I think it is just the sad reality of modern families. Just take a look at soaps, sitcoms and the like (Malcom in the Middle anyone?) – the mother is always the most stressed figure. She is also the first person to be sought for advice and comfort. So for any non-mothers – take the opportunity to really show your appreciation this mother’s day!

How do you feel as a mother about this, and at what point did your perspectives change when you were younger? Do you agree with ‘the other side of the coin’? (Be nice!)

Matt Chappell is a lifestyle blogger currently writing on behalf of iCarhireinsurance.com



  1. That’s funny your post rings a bell at different levels. The first as a daughter I never got to really appreciate how much my mother put into making our family life run smoothly. It is sad to say that I have started to fully understand what her life was about once I got children myself.
    Secondly as a mother of 2 boys I am getting an insight of how my younger one may feel.
    And finally as simply a mother I just want to say that all we do is with love and although it’s great to feel your family is grateful, I also feel privileged to have that role in life. My favourite one by far…

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