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Children’s Day

It is Mothering Sunday today. Not Mother’s Day, no that’s the ‘modern’ term and my old teacher Mrs Ogden, who knew EVERYTHING knew that it was Mothering Sunday. So called because in the old days it was the day that girls in service would go and visit their mothers. I remember being very sad when she taught us this. Just one day a year to see their mothers? How sad. What I’d give for one day now.

My mother on her wedding day.

My mother on her wedding day.

I have had flowers and a tray with soggy weetabix. I’ve also had a full on meltdown from both girls. I’m hiding out in my room now, I figure it’s the one day of the year, along with my birthday, when I can do that.

On Thursday night Eliza and I were having a chat about Mother’s Day (Mrs Ogden you’d be so disappointed in me) and my daughter asked me:

“Why isn’t there a Children’s Day? There’s Mother’s Day – spelt mOthers day” (she was most concerned about the spelling and feels the need to point this out whenever the subject comes up) “- and a Father’s Day but not Children’s Day, that’s not fair.”

Rather than say that every day was a children’s day because they are always the centre of the known universe I said:

“Yes that’s true. Perhaps we should write to our politician.”

“Who’s a politi….who’s that?”

“The person who represents us in Government.”

“What’s the Government’s name?”

“Well it’s led by a man called David Cameron.”

“That’s a silly name!” she said smiling and then realised that we were writing to him and said, “But don’t tell him that Mummy will you?”

“No, of course not. So let’s write a letter then, come on you tell you me what to write.”

She began to dictate (as is her style.)

“…It’s really unfair and I do not like it because it’s really naughty, and really unfair.”

“You said unfair already.”

“Oh” she laughed, could have gone either way at that point, she could have completely lost it with me for pointing out her mistake and that would have been that, but in a moment of breakthrough she was able to laugh at herself.

“What else shall we say?”

“Erm…keep safe?”

“Ok, we’ll tell David Cameron to give us a Children’s Day and to keep safe. Sounds perfect.”

I’m sure he’s an avid reader of this blog, so I’m sure this will be done very soon and we can all rest assured that there will be day wholly dedicated to keeping our children happy and the other 364 days of the year where we try and do that will be forgotten.

Happy Mothering Sunday.


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