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Getting your wardrobe ready for Spring

This is a guest post courtesy of Littlewoods. It’s rather optimistic since the weather is hardly likely to have us all getting our wardrobes ready for Spring, but we live in hope!

With the shops currently full of cosy knitwear and the temperatures seriously chilly, it’s easy to get carried away with stocking up on cardigans and sweaters, without bearing in mind the approach of spring – and if your wardrobe is full to bursting following the autumn/winter season, a little spring cleaning may be in order before things start to warm up again.

The best thing to do is dedicate a couple of hours on a rainy Saturday to getting your wardrobe back in top condition, following these simple steps – your clothes will thank you!

Put away your bulky winter clothes

There’s something cathartic about packing away one season’s clothes in anticipation of the next. Invest in some good shrink wrap bags to pack your bulky winter outfits in. Try to be ruthless; although some dresses may be wearable in early spring, that extra chunky-knit jumper may not be so much use come May.

Sell, swap, or give away clothes that you don’t like anymore

When you’re going through the winter pieces you already have, try to figure out which ones you won’t wear again and get rid of them. By keeping them, you’ll only be cluttering up your wardrobe. If you sell them at a boot sale or give them to the local charity shop, you can raise some money and make some room for this season’s key pieces.

Treat yourself to some new hangers

Studies have shown that wooden hangers are better for your clothes than wire ones -strange, but true. So instead of relying on the hangers you’ve picked up on various trips to the high street, show your winter wardrobe some love with a pack of lovely wooden ones. You’ll feel like an A-list star whenever you open your closet door, and best of all you won’t be tempted to buy clothes unworthy of your wardrobe.

Arrange your clothes

Add some method to the madness by arranging your clothes in a pattern that makes sense to you. You might keep work trousers, tops, and dresses together, arrange clothes by length, block colours together, or a combination of the three. You want to be able to lay your hands on the perfect piece of clothing every morning, without putting too much thought in.

Follow these simple steps and you’ll be well on your way to feeling better about the cold days ahead before spring!


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