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An Unconventional Guide to Housework

This is a guest post from Cherrie West, a journalism graduate with a Haribo obsession, and an apparently keen interest in housework. Who am I to reason why? This is the sort of post I could simply never write because I don’t give housework enough thought, but there are some good tips in here on how to be kinder to the environment and all that good stuff.

An unconventional guide to housework

While housework may not be the most pleasant of activities, it’s something we all must do at some point in our lives. However, there may be some concern over the environmental impact of using heavy-duty chemicals. Fortunately, there are many different ways to accomplish your housework using creative, alternative methods. Here are some ways to get your house cleaned that are more eco-friendly and won’t harm your health.

In my dreams...

In my dreams…

Make your own cleaning products

Many of today’s cleaning products contain harmful chemicals that have been linked to health problems in humans as well as environmental degradation. This is particularly true if you have small children at home who might accidentally swallow cleaning products or liquids, which can be a medical emergency.

To avoid having dangerous chemicals in the house, you can make your own cleaning products from everyday, non-toxic materials. Things like baking powder, lemon and vinegar have disinfectant qualities without causing harm to humans. For example, you can make an all-purpose cleaner by mixing 1/2 cup vinegar with 1/4 cup baking soda into a half gallon of water. You can use it for stain removal and general scrubbing. Just make sure you test it on a small amount of the material you will be cleaning to make sure it doesn’t damage it.

Avoid dryer sheets

Instead of using synthetic dryer sheets when you dry your laundry, try using a crumpled ball of tin foil. The tin foil will act as a way to prevent static from spreading to your clothes. You can even slip the ball of tin foil into an old sock that has been soaked in fabric softener to make your clothes softer and smell fresher. Try this on a tumble dryer for best results.

This did actually change my life

This did actually change my life

Remove grease stains with salt

If you’re trying to clean a greasy casserole dish, you don’t have to use a toxic de-greaser. Instead, simply rub salt in the greasy spots and scrub as you would any other dirty dish. You can also lift crusty burned bits by pouring boiling water into the dish and letting it stand for one hour. Simple hot water will moisten the crusts and make it easier for you to scrub them off.

Clean the walls with baking soda

This is a particularly useful trick if you want to get rid of writing or scribbles left by children, who can be exposed to harmful chemicals of conventional stain lifters. Instead, stick with a natural product like baking soda. You can remove stains and scribbles on the wall by simply rubbing baking soda onto the affected areas.

Don’t let your housework become a health hazard. Use natural products and techniques to help you build a healthy home.


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