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Holiday Memories

Holidays are what wonderful memories are made of. And I have some very special ones to add to my collection.

1. Tilly realising that copying Eliza’s every word got a reaction. This was very funny until the inevitable sense of humour failure on the part of my eldest daughter kicked in.

2. Watching the girls digging a huge hole in the sand together. As a team. With Eliza as foreman and Tilly as well everything else really, including the one who scared away any errant crocodiles who approached (we were in Lanzarote not the Amazon, go figure).

3. This exchange: “Tilly what are baby penguins called?”

“Pengerlits Mummy.”

A Pengerlit apparently

A Pengerlit apparently

5. Tilly asking me very seriously if I would tell all the people on the beach to be quiet so that her beanstalk that she had planted in her bucket could grow.

“It needs sunshine, water and quiet Mummy.”

6. The conversation him indoors had with Eliza that went a bit like this:

“Daddy why do animals all have babies?”

“Interesting question Eliza. It’s all about survival. ”

“Don’t tell me Daddy God’s involved somehow isn’t he?”

“Well yes kind of,” good luck with that, glad it was him, the tricky questions are normally mine.

7. The cuddle to cry ratio was well in the cuddles favour. Always good.

I will file these special holiday memories away and dig them out of my mental filing cabinet when I need a lift and a reminder of how curious, funny, unique and wonderful my girls are.



  1. Love this! Especially ‘god’s involved’ comment, made me smile on this grey morning x

  2. I love holidays they really are fab at letting you have some time to listen to the kids and each other, alot of my my magic moments are while we are on holiday.

    Thanks for linking up with #magicmoments

  3. Thats what i like to hear with no.7! nothing beats a good hug, more the better!

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