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Wake Up Bright in the Morning Light

I love the longer days, I love it when the clocks spring forward, honestly I do. I really do. And back BC (before children) I would wake up in my little damp flat in Clapham and see the sun pouring in through the gaps in the curtain and be full of hope for the day and my life. Because when you first wake up even the tiniest bit of light coming through the curtain looks like bright sunlight, it’s only when you get up and open the curtains you realise it’s probably another British Spring day. But that doesn’t matter. It’s the hope that comes with the first Spring days that is so powerful it should be bottled. The first crocus, the first daffodil and the first early morning sunshine. Wonderful.

The first signs of Spring

The first signs of Spring

Today was one such day. I still love the light shining through the curtains but I’m less happy about the light pouring through the window on the landing and finding it’s way into Tilly’s bedroom and waking her up (she refuses to have her door shut and on the few occasions I’ve tried to shut it after she’s asleep she’s sensed it with her Tilly-sonar and woken up screaming). So I now have a rather urgent need for blackout blinds on the landing. I have one in Eliza’s bedroom with the sheep on it (does everyone buy them when their baby is born?), but I want something more grown up for the rest of the house.

In fact yesterday I had curtains measured up some of our rooms. It feels immeasurably grown up to have curtains made, proper ones with lining and a proper track that you pull a cord for. It’s the sort of thing proper grown ups do, my mother would have done it. There comes a time in everyones’ life where you just think, I need more than Ikea. I need things that are made to last, that will end up in years to come in the attic in a big black bin liner (a weird measure of worth I grant you). Some may call me foolhardy for doing anything like this when my children are still young enough to think climbing up curtains or redecorating them with glitter and felt tips is a fine idea, but sometimes (often) I do stupid, impulsive things. It’s what makes me me.

This is a defining moment in my life. Real curtains. For others it might be a new car or a beautiful handbag. But not for me. For me it’s all about curtains.

And as for the black out blinds, as soon as I can get them installed I’ll be happy about waking up bright in the morning light again, just not at 5.30am.

ps: I have recently reviewed a wonderful book called Jack and His Amazing Shadow, you can read the review here.


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