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Growing Up

I know all parents say it, you hear it all the time and before you had children you would think it was obvious and why did everyone make such a big deal of it. It’s the observation that your children are growing up so fast. Because they are. Sometimes I just sit and look through all the pictures on my iphone (I’m rubbish at deleting them when I download) and over the weekend I was looking at some of my old films of the girls. Eliza as a toddler, Tilly as a baby. The dynamics between them, my voice on the film sounding like a normal woman, a normal mother, not like me at all or not the way I see myself.

My haven't you grown!

My haven’t you grown!

It made me cry. Irrational perhaps, but to any mothers reading who have done this too, entirely understandable. It’s the knowledge that time is passing, that everything you do and say, every hug, every tear, every temper tantrum is shaping your children and it’s irrevocable. It can’t be changed. Every moment moulds them and when you think about that it’s an awesome and terrifying responsibility. It overwhelms me at times.

When I got home last night Eliza wanted to write a story with me. So she went and sat at the table with a pen and paper and started writing. It was about a princess, but she managed two lines before asking me for help with spelling. I find this remarkable.

Tilly will chat with me about her day, she’ll pick up on the finest detail (“the ham had breadcrumbs on it Mummy”) and then jump up for a cuddle and tell me she loves me. It’s the stuff you hope for when you decide to have kids.

These days are so precious, the time goes so fast, it’s important every now and then to stop and look and burn the images into your memory, not just on Instagram.

Before long both my girls will be at school. How did that happen so fast?



  1. It’s so true, sometimes I want to hit the pause button on their lives and just watch and savour for a bit. School in September – amazing, it has gone so fast. I can’t remember a life before them

  2. The beautiful moments fly by in a flash and the excruciating ones seem to last several life times! Wish I could hold on to every little baby giggle and every sunny moment, every cuddle with my toddler, every ‘oh, mama, lovely mama’. Your post is making me a bit teary, actually. x

  3. Hiya!Your post sounds quite like mine,Im Jess writing at Splashes and Dashes Of Yellow,my post is called perspective. I hate deleting photos from mmy phone and I certainly find time flying by way too quickly for my liking!We just love these kids so much dont we! X #POCOLO

  4. I really love your post, it is honest and warm

    xo berryblum.blogspot.com

  5. Your post is beautiful and warm

  6. Sounds like my memory card, I do keep short videos and lots of photos for the last few years. Time flies indeed.

  7. Time just flies doesnt it! i love looking at pictures of mine when they were so little

  8. My girl is only 8 weeks and my phone is chock a block! I agree we need to live the memories as well as looking down a lens. pictures only tell so much. We need to treasure every moment and make the most of life x

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