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Gardening and Hama Beads: Spring’s arrived

So we’ve had a few nice sunny days and that means one thing. The garden. Yep the local garden centres are considerably better off today and there could be a national shortage of terracotta and indeed any pink plants, since the girls were putting an awful lot of random plants in the trolley. Mostly pink, although a red one with long spikes slipped through the net, along with a buy one get free of trailing pansies….tricky since I don’t do hanging baskets. They always die.

The girls LOVE pink flowers

The girls LOVE pink flowers

So anyway the girls and I, in fact mostly Tilly and I, spent much of today gardening; planting, potting, watering and sweeping. Him indoors was working so we had a girls’ day. Which was nice. In fact if it hadn’t been for the Hama bead interlude, which nearly threatened to kill my sense of humour stone dead, the day would have been entirely harmonious and spent in the garden.

Just to be clear Hama beads are right up there with glitter on my list of things-I-do-because-I-think-it-makes-me-a-good-mother. As a friend pointed out to me, you spend ages painstakingly putting the sodding beads on the spikes and just as you’re about to iron the thing together a child invariably kicks the whole lot in the air. Every time. The incident today involved being told I had to make a butterfly like the one on the box, but I only had a hexagon template to work with, and half of the little spiky things had been flattened by a previous attempt at ironing.

I was impressed with my attempt. Eliza admitted it was rather good in her own way,

“I love you Mummy!”

“You’re welcome.”

After that Tilly and I went and continued gardening, we planted box trees in the new pots:

“Mummy I will water this, it needs water.”

“Ok, thanks darling that’s helpful, good girl..oh…ok, you can water the weeds instead, that’s fine, great job.”

“Mummy weeds need water to grow. Mummy would you like some water?”

Am I a weed?

“Well this plant would please Tilly, thank you.”

“Ok Mummy, I’ll go and get some water.”

Approximately 3 seconds later..

“Here you are Mummy.” And from the massive watering can, came a thimble size amount of water. Bless.

She was so busy, watering everything. The weeds, the soil, the ground, the weeds and occasionally the odd plant (very odd). I might add this was all done dressed as a fairy “with wings Mummy because I am a flying fairy, but sometimes I take them off and walk instead.

It was a lovely day. The girls were delightful, (Hama bead incident not withstanding).



  1. Am dreading doing the Hama bead thing with my daughter! She received numerous boxes of it for her birthday. They’ve been hidden away for 4 months!

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