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Being Grateful

So my last post was all about writing less when we’re happy and here I am now about to write about what a lovely, gorgeous day I had. Life just does that sometimes doesn’t it? It’s contradicts everything you believe in one sunny, happy day.

I was pottering around on some blogs last night and something that Josie at Sleep is for the Weak wrote in her 2012 round up. It stood out. She wrote:

Discovered what true happiness felt like and learnt the secret that it was something I could hold but not keep. Realised that now I knew its feeling I could squeeze it out of tiny moments all around me and did that, a lot.

I thought about that a lot last night, I don’t know Josie, but I know she’s not had it easy and I know that if she could feel this then maybe it was possible to do. I know what happiness feels like, I feel it abundantly when Eliza tells me that it’s impossible that I could love her more than she loves me, when Tilly giggles when I tickle her mercilessly, when I look at the huge flower bed that I’ve cleared and have the stinging nettle rash to prove it. That’s joy. That’s happiness. And I’m being grateful for that today. If I can squeeze those feelings out of tiny moments all around me, then good Lord life could be wonderful.

My girls are such charming gardeners.

My girls are such charming gardeners.

Sometimes the ‘girls’ days, when him indoors is out, can be beautiful. Sometimes they can be extremely challenging. Today was the former. We fed the ducks, Tilly ate most of her bread, of course. The girls did their swimming lesson, Eliza swam without a float, Tilly kept calling me from the pool, when she’s in the pool and her hair is all wet she looks so like the little baby she was just a couple of years ago, it breaks my heart.

Then we had our usual ‘special’ lunch out at the garden centre (the glamour). We bought the statutory plants (the garden is now heaving with a variety of bedding plants, mostly pink or purple). We came home and Grandpa was here ready to do garden duty. I was very grateful for that. I’m very lucky. He mowed the lawn, did a great many other arduous jobs, we chatted as we’re cleared the huge log pile and stacked it up neatly. The girls played happily. They really did. It was the best possible sound in the world. Giggling and instructions from Eliza to Tilly. Yes okay there was the odd argument but really it was wonderful. I was grateful for that too.

Then we played ‘push Mummy over’, always a favourite, then we played catch, stuck in the mud, the tickle monster, the cuddle monster (both me, clearly). Then finally they had supper in the garden, with their dirty feet and rosy faces. My dad and I drank red wine. Perfection.

And how do you know you had a great day? Both children fall asleep, exhausted, during their stories. I am grateful for that too.

So sometimes it’s important to just stop and be grateful. Because you can squeeze happiness out of the everyday. Sometimes it’s easier than other times. On the challenging days it’s pretty bloody difficult.

But I’m grateful that it was easy today.



  1. Beautifully written, as always! I cherish those moments of joy on golden afternoons in the garden with my small people too. Mxx

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