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We Love Each Both

There are some mornings when it’s just about acceptable to be woken by your off spring. Some mornings when they surprise you with their joy, enthusiasm and sheer lovely gorgeousness. Saturday was one such morning. They burst in to our room, together, after much whispering and running about on the landing.

Eliza jumped on bed first and Tilly followed, landing on him indoors’ dodgy knee, ouch.

“Mummy, Daddy, me and Tilly are best friends and we love each other!” said Eliza, as I felt a foot in my back.

“Yes, we love each both!” said Tilly, in her own uniquely expressive way.

“You love each both? Ah that’s nice girls, what have you been doing?” I know I should enjoy the moment, but my girls, unsupervised near a bathroom with lots of bottles that are squeezy and a tap full of water (what is it with water and little kids?) is a worrying combination.

“Well I woke up and then I went into Tilly’s room and slept in her bed for a while,” the ‘while’ cannot have been more than 20 seconds judging by the timing between Eliza’s door opening and them both jumping on us, “then we played for a while, then we came in here and here we are!” More jumping, more yelps from him indoors as his already shredded cartilage was jumped on. Double ouch.

“Right well that sounds like fun, Daddy will take you downstairs and turn the telly on.” I kicked him, not in the knee, well not that knee, the other one.

“I think Mummy will actually as I can’t actually move.”

“Yes you can Daddy.” Then Tilly did her trademark knee drop right on his chest. Now he was winded and it’s conceivable he had a few broken ribs.

“No…I…I…can’t.” he gasped, reaching for breath as Eliza threw herself in a full body hug on his head.

“Ok girls, let’s leave Daddy to recover.” I took them downstairs. I forget what we then did, most probably something suitable for 6.30am like baking a cake or making a cardboard box dinosaur or building a den. All perfectly acceptable activities for first thing in the morning. Actually I think I might actually have gone into the garden and done some weeding. Tilly helped. I remember now. I was digging up the flower bed in my slippers. Cease the day!

In fact that is a very good motto to live by when you have no bloody choice to cease the sodding day, when you’re up at 6 every morning (if you’re lucky let’s face it it’s normally about 5.30am) you can’t sit around wishing you were in bed, oh no, that way madness lies. You must get up and get on as my mother would have said.

And yesterday that is indeed what we did. Him indoors had to work so by 8am the girls and I were in the car on the way to the beach. We had a packed lunch of sorts (very odd sorts come to think of it) and swimming costumes, towelling dresses (you know the sort) and not much else. In fact i was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Now if you recall Monday was not as hot as Sunday in this part of the world. In fact it was pretty chilly. This thought struck me after about 45 minutes, when we were nearing the coast. I couldn’t go back, so I thought I’d easily find somewhere to buy a jumper and a pair of tracksuit bottoms or something suitably cheap and nasty.

So we found a Morrisons. No clothes, but they did sell teddy bear crisps, Twiglets, and Pepperami (I know, EVIL stuff). So that was okay. Then we found a Sainsbury’s, no clothes, but they did sell mini baguettes, cheese, ham, chicken and Dairylea spreadable cheese. So that was okay. We had a proper picnic. Then we found a little shop on the seafront. They sold jumpers. Bingo. But only took cash. Not bingo, not bloody bingo at all. So then we went to Lidl. They sold ‘casual summer trousers’ which were suitably cheap and nasty but no jumpers, they also sold a giant box of Weetabix (we needed some more), a Hello Kitty ball (never have too many) and some giant Chocolate Buttons (of course).

Then we found a shop called ‘Camping and Clothing’ it had emergency outdoorsy style fleece written all over it. And as if luck would have it, after 4 attempts, they did actually have what I wanted. And the man was very nice. Hurrah!

So now 2.5 hours after setting off for the beach (which is 1 hour away) we were ready to go to the beach. Now the thing about LIttlehampton is that there’s an amusement park. If you go on a wet, raining day it looks like something out of a Ken Loach film. Deserted, sad, just a little bit dangerous and thoroughly depressing. If you go on a sunny day in May it’s marginally more inviting. So naturally the girls wanted to go. I said that we’d go after we’d been to the beach.

“We don’t want to go to the beach though Mummy.”

“Well we’re going. We’ve driven here, we’ve been to 5 shops to find a jumper, we’ve bought a picnic to feed a small country in Africa and we are going to go to the beach and we are going to have fun with a capital F.”

“Ok Mummy. Can we go on the rides afterwards?”


So we went to the beach.

Running down to the beach. To have Fun.

Running down to the beach. To have Fun.

And we had Fun.

Tilly building sandcastles

Tilly building sandcastles

But I think, on balance, it’s possible that the rather chilly beach was not up to competing with the thrill of the Caterpillar Coaster. Which was Tilly’s favourite thing in the world. She got a bit upset when only Eliza was tall enough to go the ‘Shark’ but frankly that looked a bit rubbish, so it didn’t matter.

caterpillar coaster

And at the end of that very long and very lovely day with my two favourite people in the world, I remembered Tilly’s words “We love each both” and thought that actually they really do. They love each both. And I love them both too. Of course.



  1. awww this is lovely (although not the bit about your hubby being damaged!) #PoCoLo xx

  2. It sounds like my idea of a day out – a diversion of several shops before you get to where you should be!! Those two girls really do love each other too – so lovely to see. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo xx

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