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Birthday Girl

My littlest girl was four on Friday. The birthday girl jumped out of bed bright and early (no change there then) and jumped on our bed.

“Happy birthday darling.” I said sleepily.

“It’s not my birthday, I’m 4!”

“Yes, that’s why it’s your birthday.”

“Oh” she said and laughed hysterically. Eliza came and joined the party and said,

“Where are her presents, can we open them? Tilly you get presents today!”

Tilly genuinely didn’t seem to know this. I mean she did because I’d asked her what she wanted and mentioned it but she was surprised. She then went on to show what a very lovely little girl she is as she let her big sister open at least half her presents and pretty much share all of them. (Apart from the Playdoh Rapunzel and Girls’ World that were presents from her little friends at her birthday party, she put up a territorial fight over them – what is it about hair?)

Lucy came for the day with her two and we had a lovely walk in the Fairy Woods and birthday cake for tea. It was a very special day.

Walk in the Fairy Woods

Walk in the Fairy Woods

Then she had her party on Saturday morning. Having had 5 birthday parties in our house, I decided this was the year we’d branch out and hire the local church hall. And as for all the birthdays since Eliza was 4 we had Smartie Artie, and as usual he didn’t disappoint.

Smartie Artie doing his stuff

Smartie Artie doing his stuff

It’s good old fashioned childrens’ party entertainer stuff – magic, jokes, a fluffy animal of some description and lots of games. In fact all the children could have been wearing garish orange flairs with the mums wearing blue eyeshadow and big collars and it could have been a party from my childhood. The stuff that works at children’s parties is entirely timeless. Right down to the jam sandwiches and party rings. The carrot sticks and strawberries might be the only tale tell sign of our current obsession with getting kids to eat fruit & vegetables.

We had friends back afterwards when they left, the Birthday Girl was finally overcome with it all.

Exhausted birthday girl

Exhausted birthday girl

Which seems to be something of a tradition with Tilly….

Same time last year...

Same time last year…


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