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The Village Fair

It’s been a really rather busy week. Work is really kicking off, I was in Paris on Thursday and Friday (which is not as glamorous as it sounds), and I was supposed to be doing a 1/2 marathon tomorrow so I have tried to squeeze in a couple of runs but I only managed one between putting the girls to bed and working in the evenings. I’m inarticulate and very tired. But I’ll do my best with this post and the village fair.

I took the girls to the Village Fair today. We met up with some friends and navigated our way through the extremely busy gathering. Naturally the girls wanted to go on the rides. When did village fairs become so full of rides? I’m sure they’re supposed to be Midsomer Murders type affairs with coconut shys and Morris Men. In fact I’m doing ours a diservice it had those things, and a Maypole dance from one of the local schools (not ours) and lots of other village-y type things but it also had a big wheel, giant bouncy slide and something called ‘Wipe Out’ that my girls were too little for (thank God).

My girls are very close, in a one-minute-we’re-best-friends-the-next-we’ll-start-fighting-and-scream-the-house-down sort of way, I’m sure anyone with children will recognise that type of friendship. But today I saw that Tilly can be quite possessive of her big sister. Which is actually very sweet. She desperately wanted to sit with Eliza on the big wheel but Eliza wanted to sit with her friend. It was a pretty big deal to her. The sort of big deal where she throws herself on her knees and prays to Mecca. Bit tricky when it’s in the middle of the main through way. An elderly couple stopped and tried to coax her up, they couldn’t see me watching on with knowing eyes (give it a minute, go and calm her down, DO NOT go before or the whole situation is prolonged by at least 30 minutes on a good day), so they thought she was alone. I reassured them and they looked at me bewildered as I still resisted trying to get her up.

We sort of worked it out in the end and after appealing to Eliza’s compassionate side the three of us went on the Big Wheel together. As usual once on the ride I began to notice the rusty chains, not very secure safety bar, very scary looking cogs and wheels in the middle. I imagined all sorts of things that didn’t really help me enjoy the ride, but the girls did and that’s the point of it.

After several more rides and a lot more sweets (every stall seemed to involve giving children Haribo) we came home. Tired. I then did what all normal people would do and started moving heavy logs around in the garden. The girls did their own style of gardening which seemed to involve making drinks for worms (water + gravel + flowers). Naturally.

Finally they had a bath and I just wanted to remember this exchange between them.

Eliza was trying to wash Tilly’s hair but she wasn’t interested.

“Ok then I’ll massage your hair Tilly.”

“Ok, then I’ll massage yours Eliza.”

“No but mine’s big Tilly, I’ve got more hair than you.”

“That’s ok, I’m good at massaging big hair.”

It’s all about big hair for my girls.



  1. Worm drinks – YUM!! Sounds delicious

  2. Sounds a lovely afternoon :)

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