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The Running Mummy Tries a Triathlon

I’ve done half marathons, lots of 10ks and a few 10 mile races. I am proud to officially call myself a runner. At least I was until I started reading ‘proper’ running blogs and realised that I’m still just a wannabe really. But a wannabe’s better than not being at all so I’ll settle for it. Anyway the point of this post is that I’ve been asked to take part in the Chobani fuelled Jenson Button Trust Triathlon. Yes the time has come for the Running Mummy to try a triathlon. And what better way to start than by racing against an F1 driver. Yeah start small, that’s me.

Chobani is fuelling the triathlon. It’s a great post-workout snack thanks to its generous protein content. It is crafted using a special straining process that removes the whey and fat. It takes three litres of milk to make one litre of Chobani. I like it because it has double the protein of regular yoghurt. I think that’s a Good Thing. Find out more about Chobani here.

Jenson Button said:

“I’m delighted that Chobani are supporting the Jenson Button Trust Triathlon and providing fuel for our competitors. Triathletes are a notoriously hungry bunch, so I know it will be very much appreciated!”

I'm sure I'll be able to keep up with him. No problem

I’m sure I’ll be able to keep up with him. No problem

I was extraordinarily nervous until I saw the distances involved. It’s a Sprint Triathlon which means shorter distances but the idea is to do them fast.

300m swim (open water)
9km bike ride
2.5km run.

I’m pretty confident with the run and the cycle. But I would like to do a few fast runs to get my speed up. I read this blog earlier and realised that I fall into the trap of settling into an easy pace when I go off on long runs on my own. It’s why my overall speed isn’t increasing. Annoyingly you need to work on that, it’s doesn’t just miraculously and conveniently happen if you keep going.

But the swim. That’s a slightly different kettle of fish (fish, swim, see what I did there?). It’s been approximately 5 years since I swam properly. When I was pregnant with Eliza I would steam up and down the pool in a bid to keep fit and healthy and let’s be honest slim. Bit tricky with a massive bump (keeping slim, not swimming) but it was good to be fit during pregnancy. I’m not a natural swimmer though. If I stop concentrating I start swallowing water and have been known to start choking mid length. I get the arm/breathing coordination wrong during my distinctly average front crawl. I look less like a swimmer and more like Bambi on melted ice.

So I tried last night and I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately my incredibly unprofessional goggles leaked and I had a fairly high concentration of chlorine in my eyes for most of the 22 lengths. I also forgot to take off my mascara so I had two panda rings. Not a good look when emptying out the goggles next to a rather fit young man. Goodness me did I just say that out loud? I sound so OLD.

Which is not that far from the truth. Next week I hit the big 40. I’m sure there’s some deep seated psychological reason why I’m doing so much exercise, I’m getting older and I want to stay healthy. Actually that’s not really very deep seated at all, it’s just sensible. Finally I’m being sensible. Maybe it will make up for the many years of being deeply UNsensible in my mispent youth. Here’s hoping.

I’ll be doing the Jenson Button Trust Triathlon with some other bloggers, you can read one of them, Pretty Fit, here.

About The Jenson Button Trust Triathlon
The Jenson Button Trust Triathlon was devised by the Formula 1 driver, a keen triathlete, as part of his training and to raise money for good causes. Last year’s inaugural event raised over £27,000 for Help for Heroes.

Competitors will each take part in a 300m lake swim, 9km bike and 2.5km run all within the grounds of the beautiful Luton Hoo estate. The top 50 from each wave will then go into a final consisting of 750m swim, 19km bike and 5km run.

For entries and further information, visit: www.jensonbutton.com/triathlon



  1. …extremely happy to see another ‘mid-life’ crisis Mum abandoning all sense and signing up for a Triathlon…and not just one, BUT two in the same day!! We must be bonkers…!

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