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Muffin or Mufti Day?

Tomorrow Eliza gets to go to school in her own clothes, it’s mufti day. In exchange for taking in some books or toys or a jar full of goodies for the summer fair. She’s excited as you can imagine. Naturally Tilly was rather put out that she doesn’t get to do this (she does every day but it doesn’t have a name, it’s just a normal day).

How I used to feel on Mufti day

How I used to feel on Mufti day

“Tilly would you like to go in Mufti too?” she climbed on my lap to make sure she was closer to me than Eliza. She looked straight at me, very seriously.

“No Mummy we don’t make muffins at nursery.”

Eliza and I exchanged a look and tried not to laugh. Tilly was wide eyed with genuine concern.

“Oh it’s okay, you can wear your own clothes even if you don’t make muffins.”

“No Mummy I can’t. I have to wear my nursery clothes.” Her own clothes. Mufti by any other name.

I love these conversations, it’s why I always write them down, I really want to remember these lovely innocent conversation we have. The moments of pure joy when the three of us are together just chatting and one of them comes out with something so perfectly obscure that it says everything about they way they interpret the world.

Special times.



  1. This is so cute! I agree that these funny, sweet conversations need writing down! We had a funny moment the other day when my 2yo daughter suddenly realised that there are two separate meanings between ‘to’ and ‘two’. She was saying goodbye to my husband, ‘Daddy go to work’, and suddenly started giggling ‘Daddy no go three work’. It was funny and wonderful to watch her exploring the English language!

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