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Triathlon training #2

I have just got back from a Triathlon training run, which my watch told me was my Best Ever!! (the watch did the !! not me), it all but cheered at me and reached out and slapped me on the back. Wehey! By Best Ever it means quickest, not longest. But that’s good given I’m doing this Jenson Button Triathlon in a few weeks and it’s speed not distance that counts.

I’m tucking into a pot of Chobani, Apple and Cinnamon flavour. This, apparently, is the best type of food to eat as a post workout snack because of it’s high protein count. It’s one up from the cake I’d normally eat as a post workout snack in a credit/debit type of reasoning, which is pretty much how I live my life.

The training took a bit of a down turn over the weekend. My birthday began on Wednesday (my actual birthday) and finished at some point Saturday night/Sunday morning. To say I couldn’t run off the hangover on Sunday was an understatement of epic proportions. I simply didn’t have it in me to put my trainers on. And I bought myself shiny new ones for my birthday so it must have been bad.

However I thought taking the girls to Garson’s Farm and strawberry picking was just the ticket. Given that Him Indoors offered to take them alone so I could go back to bed, my hangover remorse must have been off the scale to offer to go too. All that bending down and back up again is not a good thing to do when you feel as if you’ve been on a small boat on a very rough sea for several hours. This much I know. Hangovers magnify at 40. To be clear I am now never drinking again.

What I am doing is continuing to train for the triathlon and after that I will be doing more races. Mid life crisis? Don’t be absurd. I’m far fitter now than I was in my 20′s or 30′s. Life begins and all that.

What I must do more of is swimming. I’m worried about that. I’ve been told that it’s more of a mad dash to get across, getting kicked and splashed in the process. I’m worried I might actually drown. Maybe I can wear arm bands, do you think Jenson would mind?

The cycling bit is coming along. I cycle to the station and back most days so I can at least ride without stabilisers, but I had a go on the super duper racing bike I’m borrowing from Chobani for the race on Friday morning and it was distinctly different to my old banger. My bike is the two wheel equivalent to a 1980′s Fiat Panda, not exactly road worthy.

However I’ve been cycling all my life, my dad was taking us on bike rides from about the age of 5. My bike is slightly more modern than this one.

My old Raleigh

My old Raleigh

You can find out more and enter the Jenson Button Trust Triathlon and Chobani here.



  1. Oh exciting. I did my first last year and as a good swimmer I thought that would be my best section. Lets just say it was the first and last time I’ll ever start at front… Best advice – hang back – you will get there in your own time anyway. Good luck!

    • My bike training has consisted of a couple of school runs or outings along the river to Ham House & back. 99% of these were with a child of varying weights on the back so hoping without the ballast that I may go slightly faster!! You’re so lucky to have Chobani sponsoring you with a spangly bike!! Off to Shepperton Sat morning for 1st & only open water swim practice…not even got a wetsuit yet!!! #sounprepared #it’snotfunny See you in a week!!! Aaagggghhhhhh!

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