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In Which My Baking Illusions are Shattered

I was feeling pretty smug about my baking abilities at the weekend. I made a lovely lemon drizzle cake, everyone was very impressed. It tasted divine, it may have looked a bit rustic but that’s part of the charm surely? My cakes are normally pretty good and I’m not bad at biscuits either, I even managed a meringue not long ago. So all in all my baking is not to be sniffed at.

But this evening I was brought up short on baking abilities. In face I might say that my baking illusions were shattered. By my 5 year old. Of course. We were about 1/3 of the way through Mr Messy (she’s obsessed with Mr Men stories, I on the other hand am less enamoured with their formulaic charm after reading each of them about 5 times, Mr Mischief, by the way, is really bloody freaky.) Anyway we’re reading Mr Messy and apropos of nothing she says:

“Oh Mummy, I’m supposed to tell you that either Friday or Saturday you need to bring cakes into school for the School Fair.”

“Ok, I’ll make some on Friday.”

“Well no Mummy, I think you need to get them from Tescos, they need to be proper and yours never really turn out right.” She looked at my shocked (and slightly hurt) face with an expression that suggested pity but ‘come on you know I’m right don’t you’.

“Oh, I see, well mine do turn out okay don’t they? The lemon drizzle cake was lovely wasn’t it?”

“Well yes kind of, but I think it’d be better from Tesco. So they’re proper. Can you carry on with the story please?”

And so I put on a brave face and carried on reading about Mr Messy and Messrs Neat and Tidy and wondered if anyone ever told them there were inadequate at baking cakes. Probably not. Maybe Mr Uppity or Mr Rude actually, but then Mr Perfect would just make it all okay again.

But I bet Mr Greedy would like my cakes.



  1. Oh no!!! :-) ) Stick with it don’t give in to the ready made cakes!

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