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How to Use Car Seats Correctly

Remember when we were kids and we used to get thrown in the back of the car without a seatbelt let alone a car seat? I remember it well. Hanging on to the passenger seat in front of me and trapping my mum’s hair under my fingers. She loved it I’m sure. In fact my Dad would take us out in the old red Ford Cortina estate and go round really bendy lanes as a treat for us girls in the back. Oh how we laughed as we were thrown from one side of the car to the other!

Obviously my kids have car seats. But I have to say until I got an email last week with some research about them I didn’t realise that so many of us are using them incorrectly. Apparently 78% of parents say that their car seat is correctly installed but only 50% of car seats actually are installed correctly and many parents don’t know that children should use car seats until they’re around 12.

Here’s a infographic that spells it out a bit more clearly, it’s well worth a look.

carseat infographic


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