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#jbtt Triathlon training #3

Oh my good lord in heaven the Jenson Button Trust Triathlon is on Sunday. This Sunday coming. The one that’s 4 days away. So how’s my training going?

1. I did an open water swim last night. I donned my wetsuit (a very technical Orca suit kindly donated by Chobani) that makes me look like the lovechild of Eddie the Eel and a Teletubby. I jumped in and I swam 400m in a beautiful lake in Surrey. It was cold at first but luckily I’d watched some videos about how to swim in open water and so I knew to take short, frequent breaths. I did a mix of front crawl (until I realised I was pretty much going round in a big circle) and breaststroke.

Beautiful spot for a bit of flailing around like a drowning deer

Beautiful spot for a bit of flailing around like a drowning deer

The wet suit makes you so buoyant that when you put your head under your bum shoots up – makes breaststroke a bit of a challenge, but I’m not good enough to do the whole 300m of front crawl. I hope I won’t be alone in this on Sunday.

I was in such a mad dash to get home from work, pick up my kit and then get out the door again (the lake closes at 8pm) that I picked up an ancient pair of him indoors’ goggles. They leaked and misted up. I was pretty much blind the whole way. And to add insult to injury I couldn’t get out of the lake. I just don’t have the strength to hoik myself onto the pontoon, so had to ask a rather nice man to help me up. Which he did, whilst trying not to laugh at my feebleness.

To be clear this is my first and only open water swim. I have done a bit in the pool though and will do another on Thursday.

2. My cycling has been pretty rubbish too. I’ve been lent an amazing bike by Chobani, it’s incredibly light. It’s called Tri and Run which just makes me laugh every time. Should be Tri and Cycle or perhaps Tri and Not Finish Last. But anyway. I’ve done a bit of biking, not as much as I’d like but some.

3. My running is pretty consistent and given all the races I’ve done it’s certainly my strongest area. When this Triathlon is done I’ll be training for another 1/2 marathon I expect.

The thing is I’m a working mum and this small fact of my life makes proper training something of a challenge. I’ll be honest. I’ve had my doubts over this, actually I’ve had massive, huge, enormous doubts. It’s the swimming you see. That’s the bit I’m most worried about. I have visions of coming out of the lake when the rest are getting off their bikes for the running leg.

Anyway after much stern talking to from him indoors and lots of support from my friends at work I’m feeling more confident. I’ll do it and I’ll complete it and then I’ll have done it. Then I can move on to the next mid-life crisis.



  1. You are amazing, I honestly have know idea how you do it! I wish my mid life crisis involved exercise rather than consuming more chocolate……

    GOOD LUCK! Xxxxx

  2. Oh wow, good on you.

    Good Luck for Sunday

  3. how amazing! i am on a get fit mission after a 4.5 stone loss and would love to do this! good luck!

  4. Wow – good for you! Good luck!! I’d love the running bit, could probably manage the cycling bit, but I’d be sooo slow at the swimming bit! Popping over from #PoCoLo x

    • itsamummyslife says:

      Yep that’s about where I’m at although feeling marginally more confident after a good swim today. x

  5. Ohhh how exciting!!
    Good luck x

  6. Good luck, sounds like really hard work! As a fellow half marathon runner I can relate to the difficulties of fitting training around a family. I’ve never contemplated a triathlon before because I’m a bit of a rubbish swimmer and my cycling is about as fast as my running!
    Popping over from PoCoLo.

  7. Wow! Thats amazing – well done you! Is that Virginia Water by the way? Good luck with your triathlon, I really hope it cools down a little for you. Thank you so much for linking to PoCoLo xx

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