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The Democratic State of Parenthood

I was never going to be the type of mother who let her kids boss her around, I wasn’t going to be controlled by their ever changing whims. This, along with almost every other preconception I had about parenting, turned out to be woefully off the mark. I’d like to say that most of the, of course, I’m the boss, but I’d probably be lying. I like to think of it as a democracy.

We have equal rights. Theirs are just a bit more equal than mine.

We are all allowed to voice our opinions about what we’d like to do with the day. Their voices are just a bit louder.

We may all make suggestions for lunch. Their suggestions are a bit more persuasive.

I may have a very good reason for bedtime being 7.30 (on a good night). They will have a far better one why it’s 8pm.

You see where I’m going with this?

It’s a democracy, but it’s just a bit more of a democracy for them than me.

Was I like that as a child or is this just modern life?

The picture you see below looks like something out of Mad Max. Or a parental labour camp. It’s actually a pump, weirdly enough. By turning the leather straps on the end of the arms endlessly the water comes out at the top of the pump thing which is at the top of the hill behind it. Without this contraption being turned CONSTANTLY the water stops.

The Parental Labour Camp

The Parental Labour Camp

When your eldest daughter is the foreman of whatever game is going on it falls to you to turn the arms. Under the beating sun. With many yummy mummies looking on with their designer sunglasses and brown limbs and Mini Boden clad children. I think they thought that perhaps I was playing. It was an odd situation. But everytime I stopped, I could here Eliza.

“I’ll just go and tell my mum to carry on turning it so the water comes out.” She was telling all her new friends.

“MUUUUUUUUM, you need to KEEP TURNING IT!! I didn’t say you could stop.”

“Ok, sorry.” Sorry? How did that happen? When did I become so submissive.

I worked out a matching pair of Mini Boden child and RayBan mum and asked ever so politely if she’d like to do a shift of pump turning, since her daughter was so enjoying playing with the water production line at the top of the hill.

She declined.

Of course she did. Her world is more democratic than mine, clearly.


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