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The Youngest Child

Being the youngest child means your mother never writes with such naive wonder about your ‘firsts’ as she did for your big sister. It means your tantrums are never taken quite as seriously as they might if you were first off the blocks. It means you inherit a beaten up scooter and you find pleasure in making a name plate for it, and you don’t even mind too much when the rain washes most of it away.

Tilly's Scooter

It means you have a big sister who you always want to include in your games and you get used to being told to go away or that they’re busy doing something else instead. You roll with the punches, you don’t take it personally. But when she does play with you, one of the games you want to play life doesn’t get much better.

Playing horses

Playing horses

It means (if you’re Tilly) that you witness some pretty awful screaming wobblers from your big sister and you see your mother lose her temper and you think “Oh look, there they go again, I’ll just sing a song to drown it out”.

It means that only very occasionally do you get treated like the first. Like you are the only one. When it does happen you don’t really make a big thing of it, you take it in your stride because at any moment you’re sure your big sister will pitch up and steal the limelight as usual. But when she doesn’t do that and you realise that actually you are the only one holding your Mummy’s hand and going on the Tiny Truckers with her (to her great joy..) at Chessington World of Adventures you feel pretty good about it. Almost as good as you feel when your Mummy stands with you on the carousel (even though she wanted to get on a horse, but the man said no) and you have the best brown pony.

chessington with mummy

You don’t ask for much, anything really. In fact I can’t think of one material thing Tilly has ever asked me for that’s not ‘orange juice in my red cup so it tastes like it’ or, when pressed to think of something for her birthday, her Dreamlight Unicorn that she cherishes.

So just for the record Tilly, I’ll be immeasurably proud of you when you go to school for the first time next week, I’ll cry as I leave you. When you start to read I’ll feel tears of pride well up. And you know what? You are the most lovely, sweet natured, kind and laid back person I know.

I love you youngest child with all my heart. Just so you know.

My lovely youngest child

My lovely youngest child


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