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Lazy Sundays

I think the term ‘Lazy Sunday’ was created by someone who either didn’t have children, or had grown up children. My Sundays are rarely lazy. They normally involve an early start, my children haven’t quite grasped the whole weekend’s are for sleeping in a thing. They really don’t get it. I’m hopeful that sometime in the next 15 years they will.

I remember doing the Sainsbury’s shop once when the girls were a few years younger and seeing ‘Lazy Sunday’ coffee for the cafetiere. I bought it. I don’t drink coffee. I was buying a dream, an illusion. It’s still in the cupboard. Too weak for him indoors, too coffee-ish for me.

When you add in a run (normally very hilly, about 10k or 10miles depending on how long I’ve got), then we all do something together (swimming, bike ride, walk, tearing up a National Trust property and quickly running away from the evidence), and then generally going about the business of life with small children and preparing for the week ahead it’s extremely un-lazy. I bought the Sunday Times today, I read the front page and the what’s up and what’s down bit in Style. I work in PR, I used to read all the papers. Thank God for Flipboard on my iphone on a Monday morning commute or I’d be completely clueless.

Today we did most of that with a party thrown in and the bike ride involved getting lots of conkers. I have no idea what two girls will do with approximately 200 conkers, but we have them. I’m sure you’re supposed to put them in the oven, make them rock hard and then try and knock people’s teeth out with them in the playground, or maybe that was just my school.

The conker stash

The conker stash

Tilly wasn’t sure either.

“Look there’s loads of conkers there Eliza!”

They ran over to the conker stash. She looked at them, picked up a few and said:

“Mummy why are we collecting conkers?”

Good question darling, “Because it’s fun!” Actually it is. Finding a shell that you can open and see the shiny, smooth brown conker waiting to be released. It is fun. Even at 40. There’s something beautiful and perfect about a new conker. A small pleasure, but rather lovely nevertheless. We cycled home, the conkers were put in a box, they will most probably find their way into my coat pockets and handbag, to be pulled out along with a notebook or laptop in a meeting.

Could come in handy I guess. Anyone gives me any grief at work, I’ll pull a conker on them. Lethal. Specially to front teeth.



  1. Owen is collecting copious amounts of conkers, I have found a least 300 in the washing machine, fancy a conker match?

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