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Birthday Girl

My eldest daughter was six today. I’m sure every parent says this with every passing year but there’s something about six, she’s past the first five years and that feels like a milestone. When I had her I used to think about how she’d be when she was six, a proper little girl, at school, riding her bike, drawing lovely pictures, chatting to me about interesting things. And that’s who she is. She’s lovely.

My eldest girl

My eldest girl

I’ve been writing about her and her little sister for four years. I’ve captured the special times, the funny conversations, the trials, tribulations and despair of being their mother. I’m glad I have. There’s something very special about looking back and remembering all that at the click of a mouse.

She had a big party with all her school friends and a few others too. She had a lovely day, and she was kind and sweet to her little sister. Something about being six says she’s the big girl and she needs to behave that way. I hope that continues, it was lovely to see.

Tilly is showing genuine empathy now too. I gave them both ‘dinosaur eggs’ today. Giant eggs that you immerse in water for a few days and they hatch and baby dinosaurs then grow in the water too. Yes it’s a bit odd, but I knew my girls would love them. They did. So much so that in the excitement Eliza’s got dropped. Tilly could see how upset she was and she immediately offered Eliza hers. She has a lovely nature.

Right now I’m knackered. Nothing says tired more than a child’s birthday, complete with party, on a Sunday.

There’s a glass of wine with my name on it in the fridge. Not to mention Downton the telly. I’m off!



  1. Oh how lovely, another milestone passed and don’t forget, your 6-year anniversary of becoming a mother too, as I reminded my mum yesterday – Eliza and I share the same birthday ; )

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