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Biking with my Girls

Ever so occasionally I feel like perhaps my plans have been a bit ambitious. Bitten off a bit more than I can chew. Mostly I just get on with it, but sometimes I stretch my ability to multitask.

I took the girls to their swimming lesson at about 8am, god awful time really, but then again when your day generally starts at 6.30 it’s not so bad. After swimming we went to a cafe in the local town. The girls had decided they wanted jam donuts. Not croissants, not cakes but jam donuts. By the way the cafe trip is something of a tradition. Him indoors normally takes them but not today, so it was left to me. I was feeling a bit hapless in the face of my two experienced swim-then-cafe kids who knew the drill rather better than me.

“Right lets try this place then, looks like a prime candidate for jam donuts.” I said as we stood outside a very average looking cafe.

“No Mummy, it looks a bit posh, I don’t like posh cafes.”

The cafe trips with Daddy were becoming clearer…

We tried an Italian cafe, croissants, cakes but no donuts. We tried a tea shop, cakes and breakfast but no donuts. Surely donuts are the staple of the English independent cafe? Donuts, lemon drizzle cake and croissants that are bit spongy. Apparently not. In the end we opted for the local Costa coffee. No donuts either but some interesting looking chocolate tea cakes that seemed to swing it.

So then we decided, over hot chocolate and tea that we’d make homemade soup for lunch. We’d go to the market, buy tomatoes and make soup at home. Eliza loves soup apparently. Tilly was less impressed with the idea and declared she’d be eating mash potato and salami. Anyway we would eat the soup after our bike ride. Eliza got a new bike for her birthday and Tilly’s on the trail along one. Perfect for three.

Unless of course one of you falls off, buggers up the breaks and leaves the afore mentioned hapless mother trying to fix it with no tools available. So we walked to the hardware shop, but not before we saw some friends one of whom managed to fix the bike. Hurrah. I thought we’d get the tools anyway as I needed the right size allen key to remove the trail along bike from him indoors’ bike. It’s been fixed to it for months, meaning we can’t actually put the bikes on the car, so all bike rides have to be from here, we live at the top of a hill. You can see why that’s not ideal with a 6 year old.

We cycled home, up the hill. Not too much whining involved actually as I’d warned against the effectiveness of whining to actually propel a bicycle up a hill. It achieves nothing so don’t do it, or words to that effect.

Of course once home, I was like a kid with a new toy. A whole new set of allen keys and an adjustable spanner. Oh what joy! I set about removing the trail along bike. The possibilities afforded by this simple achievement would be endless. The excitement!

“Mummy, when are we going to make our soup?” Eliza called from the window.

“In a minute, I’m just fixing the bike.”

“But it’s lunchtime now and I’m hungry.”

“Yes we’re hungry” said Tilly, joining in but not really bothered either way.

So I was forced to abandon that job and come in and start making homemade tomato soup. I have no idea how, but how hard can it be? Blanch a few tomatoes, whack them in the blender with some herbs then heat it all up? With both children wanting to help it became a bit of a mess but we got there.

Soup eaten, I completed task A. The bike is now separated from the trail along, after much effort expended (nothing’s ever simple is it?) and we are now ready for further biking adventures. I may have broken 3 nails and have hands like a mechanic who’s lost the Swarfega, but come rain or shine we’ll get out on those bikes this weekend if it kills me.



  1. Hello, long time no see. I can’t believe that Eliza is 6 now and Tilly old enough to be swimming, time sure does fly! Mich x

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