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The Return

I’ve been lucky enough to have a few days away in Marrakech for a ‘meet in the middle’ with my friend Jonathan who lives in Singapore (I’ve written about our escapades before and indeed he has too), I arrived back late last night. It was everything it was intended to be; lots of laughter, lots of mutual appreciation (we are very good at bolstering each other, he’s arguably better than I am), lots of sunbathing, swimming and of course lots of alcohol. In fact rather too much when I arrived in an over excited sort of way, which led to me being barely able to drink a sip of wine for the remaining two nights. I’m SUCH a lightweight these days. Pathetic. My 25 year old self was laughing at me.

I’m very lucky. It was wonderful. We visited the souk, and I bought the obligatory slippers for the girls, we got lost down a few narrow ‘streets’ and I nearly got taken out by a mangey donkey. We haggled badly (I’m just too polite and naive), but the worldly wise-ness of Jonathan prevented me buying too much junk metal.

A souk stall

A souk stall



Both girls woke up at intervals last night, but I was strangely glad to be up in the night with them. They were so surprised when it was Mummy, not Daddy who came to them. I got lots of sleepy warm cuddles. Perfect.

This morning they were both up at 4.30am, ok it was 5.30am in old money, but either way it was bloody early. Mercilessly so. I’d got used to my luxurious lie ins and entirely self indulgent behaviour. Again strangely it wasn’t so bad. They are the very best things in the world and I was back from my three day sojourn into fantasy, back into the world I now inhabit, the world of being their mum. The best world I know.

I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it. Having a break every now and then is a very good thing. Not just for me but for the rest of the family too. It’s good for the girls to have that time with their Dad and it’s good to let the pressure cooker of my emotions explode over too many vodka shots with my best friend rather than over my children. We all need time out occasionally, we’re only human. I admit my escape is rather more luxurious than perhaps I deserve but it keeps me going, restored and revived. Remembering who I really am and all the hopes and dreams I have. They are still there, they just get put to one side in the circus of everyday life.

And as I was colouring in ‘stained glass windows’ with the girls at about 6am this morning and we were having a chat about party games Tilly said,

“My favourite party game is Musical Sharks. You dance like a shark and have to sit down like a Dolphin.”

No one, but one one else I know would come out with that in such a matter of fact way, and that is just one of the reasons why the return is always as special as the break.

Thank you Jonathan for being such a wonderful friend. Thank you my family for making the return a soft landing.


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