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The New John Lewis Ad

Yet again John Lewis has taken a perfectly good song and asked a fey feeble female vocalist to create their own arrangement. Never been a huge Keane fan, but I kind of object to this rather lightweight Lilly Allen version. The ad seems to depict the story of a hare who’s best mate the bear is rather ambivalent when they come across a Christmas tree on one of their outings. The hare is desperately conflicted (isn’t it always the way?) and decides to dump his friend and see what the fuss is about. It’s all okay though because the bear turns up over the hill at the end. Well that’s a relief for us all. Nothing like a happy ending in a 60 second ad.

The animation is nice, it’s more Watership Down than Jake and the Neverland Pirates (or maybe that’s just because it has animals in it). It’s a cute enough story and if you’re really obsessed you can download the interactive story book off the John Lewis website. In my line of work this is called ‘integration’. It’s an ad, it’s an ipad download, it’s and instore treasure hunt, it’s a card maker and of course it’s a cuddly toy. My oh my, how delighted John Lewis must be.

Mind you the fact I’m writing about it suggests they have done something right with the steady build up of hype over the years. They now ask bloggers to ‘premiere’ the new ad. And bloggers do it. Even really cynical ones. What have I become? A vehicle for PR’s! Good lord in heaven.

See what you think.


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