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6% of Mums Think They Make NO Mistakes Raising Their Children


Well good Lord I’d like to meet those 6%. That’s an astonishing amount of perfect parents, when you consider the amount of parents in the UK.

- 9% owned up to nearly leaving the children behind in a restaurant or at home.

- 5% paid for a holiday but forgot about the little ones when booking places.

- Nearly 40% admitted the most common mishap, which was giving a child fast food or toast for tea because they could not be bothered to cook.

I’m not sure the last one is a mishap so much as trying to make sure they eat something when you’ve got nothing better in the fridge/cupboard.

As anyone who’s read this blog knows I am far from perfect as a parent, or as a human being for that matter. But the idea of what is perfect is massively subjective. However if we’re talking mistakes here are probably three of my biggest:

1. I left Eliza in her car seat in a shop on Northcote Road when she was 4 days old. I remembered when I got to the car (parked outside) and realised I should have a car seat in my hand….just goes to show that new parents are extremely tired and frankly not used to carrying around all the excess baggage required with a baby. Although granted the actual baby probably should be remembered.

2. Tilly fell out of her high chair (around 3 months) because I’d failed to strap her in. In fairness to myself I was about to when Eliza fell over and started screaming. I took her to A&E (Tilly that is), she was fine. Actually whilst there I bumped into a colleague, looking calm and dashing with his daughter, they were there to visit a friend (he could well be in the 6% actually). I had dirty hair, a horrible old jumper, no make up and an extra 2 stone in weight that I hadn’t shifted, not to mention one screaming toddler and one dazed baby. It was a great moment.

3. This is a general confession to missing numerous letters that go in the school book bags about things like painting day (kids where their own clothes), Children in Need day (pj’s) and other things they are asked to bring in. That is the classic mummy fail moment, why is it that other parents at school never seem to make those mistakes? School is like a microcosm where your every parenting fail is witnessed in public.

I love these surveys because they are generally intended to make people like us think about buying Cussons products, but in fact they just make us think about our failures as parents. Does that leave us with a nice warm feeling? Possibly not.

If you are one of the 6% I salute you and I would dearly love to meet you and see how clean your house is. After all if you’re spending all your time being a perfect parent something’s got to give no?

The study by Cussons Mum & Me polled 1000 UK parents.



  1. Raising a kid is never an easy task. And what is the worst about it is you are never prepared enough. However, there are plenty of ways to get more information and obtain helpful tips in order to (at least) avoid some basic mistakes. I personally believe that it is not as scary as it seems.

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