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Father Christmas Is Watching You!

father christmas and his sleigh

Father Christmas is a very busy chap at this time of year, not only that but he’s supremely blessed with the gift of multiple sight. How else can he watch all the children in the lead up to Christmas? Unfortunately the ONS won’t give me an estimate on the number of children in the UK, but currently the total population stands at 63.7 million. That’s a lot of kids to watch, to see that they are being nice and kind and sharing.

I have mixed feelings about telling my girls that some random bloke is watching their every move, it’s just a bit weird frankly, but nevertheless as most parents will at this time of year I have uttered the words “Father Christmas is watching you”. Tilly replies with giggles or questions about how he can see her. Eliza just says “he can’t watch all the children in the world Mummy.” She’s so damn logical.

Him indoors just used this very threat, the girls were arguing over a pen or something and he said,

“Girls you know who’s watching, and he likes children who share nicely.”

After some protesting the fire went out of their fury and they resumed playing nicely.

But Eliza has asked me some searching questions about the big FC.

“Mummy if no one has ever actually seen Father Christmas, how do they know he wears red?” Good question.

“Mummy you know all the children in the world who don’t have all the things we have?” I mentally prepare for one of my lessons in morality to come and bite me firmly on the bum…


“Well why can’t they just ask for lots of things from Father Christmas?” Top marks for logic.

“Because he can only bring a few gifts to each child.” It’s a lame answer and I must try harder.

Currently they are most concerned that his sleigh will be blown off course by the high winds, my train was cancelled today due to the wind so heaven knows what will happen to his sleigh. Do you think he suffers from the wrong kind of leaves? Maybe by tomorrow night it will be calm again.

I’m really looking forward to Christmas this year. My girls are whipping me up into the festive spirit. Even a cold can’t dampen my joy right now. A glass of mulled wine in hand, a roaring fire, all the family together watching a Christmas film, fairy lights on the tree. My mother would love this.

Christmas is a time of consolidating what’s important, reflecting on what’s happened in the year but also living in the here and now. I have a couple of weeks off work and I can’t wait to spend it with my family and good friends.

Merry Christmas to you all, I hope Father Christmas brings you what you want and I hope you have a happy and peaceful 2014.


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