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Random conversations at bedtime

Every now and then I just want to remember something the girls have said. This is one such time.

I cycled up the hill this evening in the freezing cold, with hands like blocks of ice after having left my gloves at home this morning. I was on the later train after too much faffing trying to get out of the office meant I missed my usual one (my life is punctuated with the train timetable), I wanted to be home quickly and I wanted a lovely welcome from my two girls. The reality was somewhat different as I was a bit late. Nothing ever really works out how you think it will.

So as I walked in I had 3 people all shouting at me.

“Mummy I want you to look at my cushion speedboat, Tilly jumped on it and ruined it.” Eliza

“Hol, is that you? You need to come up here NOW!” him indoors

“I want my Muuuuuuuuummy!” *sob* Tilly

It was all kicking off.

I took them off one by one, Eliza first. She was vaguely mollified when I said I’d be back to sort the speedboat out as soon as I’d calmed Tilly down. But there was fire in her eyes as I left and I knew I hadn’t got away with it.

Then Tilly, via him indoors who grunted at me.

She refused a cuddle and continued crying. Eventually I got her to stop and we finished The Ministry of Letters, (which if you haven’t read it is remarkably good, even 500 times over), then I said it was bedtime.

“Night night darling, do you know how much I love you?”

She stretched her arms out wide. “But I love you more than the sky Mummy.”

“I love you more than space.”

“I love you more, I love you more, I love you more, I love you more than the sky and space and everything. And more than you love me.”

Just as I was thinking I was the luckiest Mum in the known universe Eliza came in in a strop because I’d “spent too much time with Tilly and it was her turn”.

After a few more tears from both children, Tilly went to sleep and we started on Eliza’s bedtime routine. First off, teeth.

“Mummy I like it when my mouthwash is really really bubbly. So bubbly you can’t see any water.” She has a new mouthwash for 6 year olds and is very proud of it.

“Well you need to shake it then.”

“No Mummy, I’m going to pray that it’s really bubbly.”

“Really? Pray?”

“Yes. Dear father God (brief stop for giggles) I would really like my mouthwash to be really really bubbly please.”

“Well I’m sure that’ll go straight to the top of his list of priorities darling.” Cue more giggles. In fact lots of giggles in a ‘I’m really tired and I’m slightly losing it sort of way’.

Eventually she got into bed and had one chapter of “Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator”, she then got out of bed, put two paperclips in ‘my’ jar. (She gives me a paperclip when I’m nice and takes one away when I shout, I have NO IDEA where this comes from). Then she wrote me a message on a piece of paper which she told me I had to take with me when I went away. Bless.

i love you mummy

I then went downstairs to see him indoors, who got left till last. He was glued to House to Cards and had long since forgotten what he wanted. Leaving me free to sift through various scary looking letters from banks and HMRC, make a cup of chamomile tea (is January nearly over yet? gasping for a drink) and retreat to my blog.

Pretty good homecoming after all.


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