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It’s taken me 6 years and a huge amount of self loathing and recrimination but I think I might finally have grasped the art of distraction that parenting experts tell you about. They make it sound so easy. “Child wants to play with the razor blades and prescription drugs? Just distract them with a song. Your child would much rather listen to her mother’s voice than play the game she had her heart set on with all the determination of a donkey refusing to move, she’ll forget all about it and you and her will have a lovely sing song together.”

There’s a chance the kind of advice I was reading was total nonsense and no child worth it’s salt would be distracted by my singing anyway. In fact it would make them more determined than ever to find those razor blades. So no I haven’t quite done that. But what I have done is learn that humour works really well with my kids.

This is not always easy. When you consider all the other stuff going on in at any given time; work pressure, tiredness, tax return, food shopping, tax return, work pressure, did the men come and fix the roof or is that still leaking and if they did will the insurance cover it. Those sort of every day worries kind of kibosh the best intentions of being bright, perky and funny in the face of a stubborn wholly unreasonable tantrum. But I’m certainly getting better at it.

There’s something wonderful about seeing a cross, scrunched up face turn into a broad grin and then explode with laughter. There’s the palpable relief that you did it, it feels like such a huge achievement, you’ve diverted a situation that could have been hideous, depressing and painful into something funny. Ok it’s not exactly talking someone down from the edge of Waterloo bridge but it feels pretty good at the time. And it makes everyone happier.

In other news January is nearly over which means my Dry-ish Athlon is too. At the risk of sounding incredibly dull, it’s not been as hard as I thought, that could be because I have broken the rules on 2 occasions when frankly it would have been rude not to, but by and large January has been dry.

Anyone who reads this blog regularly will know that I have been slack with it lately. The reasons why are a post for another time, but I know that I won’t be writing regularly here. Probably a big relief to those two people and my Dad!



  1. Hope all is ok xxxx

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