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Dear Mr Kellogg; A Question From My Daughter

Dear Mr Kellogg

Eliza and I are having a bowl of All Bran Bran Flakes as a small snack as I’ve just got home from work and am hungry, she is also hungry, having informed me she felt ‘empty’.


I confidently poured her a big bowl (she likes it very much) and then decided to read the ingredients as I am prone to do lately. One of the ingredients is sugar. Eliza asked me this:

“Why is it called All Bran when it has sugar in it? That means it’s not all bran is it Mummy?”

“That’s true Eliza.”

“The cereal is lying to us!”

“That’s also true.”

She is also concerned that the picture of grains of wheat on the box are misleading, there are not pictures of sugar.

We were very interested to see what 12 grams looked like so we just weighed it and it’s about one tablespoon, which seems a little excessive in a 30 gram bowl of cereal.

While I’m on the subject we’d like to ask how much you are donating towards the ‘much needed breakfasts’ for the 1 in 7 children who are missing out on the ‘most important meal of the day’? It does not seem to say on the pack, in an obvious way anyway, what that donation is and I would like to know.

That’s all. Just a couple of questions. Perhaps you could let me know. In the meantime I think Eliza and I will be snacking on something that isn’t loaded with sugar.

Many thanks
Love from
Holly and Eliza

*Eliza has co-created this blog post with me, she felt very strongly about it*


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