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Saucer Eyes

Mog and the BFG

Mog and the BFG

Tilly is going through that wonderful phase that 4 year olds do, when everything is terribly important and things get said with complete earnestness that results in big wide saucer eyes. It’s utterly charming and him indoors and I have to stop ourselves smiling when she’s trying to make a very important point.

Last night we had the discussion about World Book Day. (I’m just about holding back my urge to go off on one about this excuse for yet more mass consumerism but only just. I will just say one thing about this. When there’s a category on Ebay for ‘World Book Day costumes’ you know it’s lost it’s appeal and it’s home made charm. More on that later).

Back to Tilly.

“So Tilly you’re going to go as Mog tomorrow are you?”

“Yes Mummy, I’m wearing grey stripy tights because Mog is actually grey stripy, and I need to have a pink nose and whiskers, and Mummy I must have a tail. Have you got a tail for me?”

“Yep, I found one in a shop in London. But it’s black with a white tip.”

“But Mummy Mog has a grey stripy tail.”

“I know, but this is your own personal interpretation of Mog, you bring your own unique touches to her, that’s how it works.”

“Well I’ve got a white furry coat, that’s more like Little Whiskers because he’s white.”

“I know but that makes your Mog extra special, you are unique darling and so is your version of Mog.” Right on.

She considers this, then come the saucer eyes…

“But Mummy you know that on World Book Day you have to wear a costume to school Mummy, otherwise you’re not actually allowed to go to school. Ever again.”

“Really? That’s a bit extreme.”

“Really Mummy. That’s the law. That’s what the police say.”

So you can imagine the anxiety that caused. Not only did I have to get a Mog outfit looking perfect but by not doing so I was risking my child’s education. School today is not what it was.

Eliza meanwhile was set on going as the BFG. Clearly she’s not 56ft tall so that posed the first problem. Neither does she has unfeasably big ears. However I managed to find some big ears and I cut off the bottoms of an old pair of trousers, gave her a waistcoat and you’d have mistaken her for an elderly, male, giant no problem. She was delighted.

I don’t think World Book Day was a ‘thing’ in my day. If it had been I’d have most probably been Mog as well or perhaps dressed up as an 8 year old boy and been Danny Champion of the World. When you really think about it it’s not an easy thing to do. Unless you happen to love the Gruffalo or Winnie the Witch or any number of Princess stories, it’s hard to find a recognisable costume. Like most things to do with my kids, I’m probably over thinking it.


It was worth it for the conversation with Tilly. I love her great big saucer eyes, her earnestness and her total unflinching belief that what she says is gospel truth. She’s one of a kind.


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