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The Alternative Gro Clock Review

Several years ago I bought a Gro Clock for Eliza, she was waking up too damn early for my liking and I’d tried everything. Finally this clock worked. The Sun came up at the time I had set to be ‘morning’ and she came trotting in to our room. Genius.


For about a week. Until she figured that the world wouldn’t collapse if she broke the rules, and actually waiting for ‘one star Mummy’ (the time counts down in stars) was kind of okay and actually Mummy didn’t really mind too much if she got woken up early. (Mummy did mind but what was Mummy going to do about it? Lock her in her room? Too cruel. Put her back in her 50 times till she got the message? Come on, life’s too short. Mummy figured this phase would pass like all the others do).

So anyway.

Why am I writing this now? Because little Tilly has decided that morning is in fact 5.30am. It isn’t. In any language it isn’t. Except if you’re a farmer or a shift worker. I am neither. Morning is just about acceptable at 6am.

So I bought another Gro Clock. Tilly is 4, she is capable of taking instruction, she understands consequences, she is a smart girl and I thought I’d give it a try.

Once again it worked beautifully for 2 weeks. Him indoors and I smiled smugly at each other. We’d ‘cracked it’. Oh yes perfect parents that we are. Clearly this was nonsense. Tilly too worked out that nothing really happens if she gets out of bed before the sun comes out. Mummy’s a bit grumpy (more than normal), but she soon softens when she sees Tilly’s cloud of wispy hair and hears her still little voice say ‘but Mummy it’s light, look’ as she pulls back the curtain.

So now I’m stuck in a cycle of 5.30am mornings. Occasionally it’ll be 5.50 but not often enough to make it okay. As ever I’m hopeful this phase will pass. Because of course it will and before long neither of them will be remotely interested in mornings, early or otherwise. But just now, it’d be good to get a 6am start.

So if the makers of the Gro Clock or anyone else for that matter, have any words of wisdom on how to get a later start (that doesn’t involve a later bedtime, because that never works) then I’d be most grateful!

*no one asked me to write this and I wasn’t given the Gro Clock*


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