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Being Kind

We had the girls’ parent/teacher chats recently. They were fine, the girls are both doing well and I’m not going to gloat or share the details here because I find that sort of thing mildly nauseating, I’ll just say I’m proud of them and leave it there.

However one thing I will share is that Tilly’s teacher did point out Tilly’s nurturing-ness. I know that’s not a word, but I was up at 5am with her and I’m feeling tired and confused. Apparently she’s very kind to the other children and ‘mothers’ them. This is not surprising to me. She has many soft toys and has lately developed a fondness for the many dollies that have been bought and discarded by her sister over the past 6 years. My stepmother has devotedly made the dollies clothes which is incredibly sweet and both girls, but particularly Tilly now take very good care of them. She has always looked after soft toys, made them homes and beds and so on.

ania and the girls with their dollies

The dollies (her babies, there are 4, all girls with ever changing names) live in the toy Silver Cross push chair that my sister bought Tilly for her birthday last year. She spends many happy hours pushing them around the garden, feeding them, changing them and getting them to sleep. She has a toy dog called Rusty, who she generally drags along attached to the push chair with a scarf. But today she decided to attach another toy pushchair to the Silver Cross so that Rusty had somewhere to sit “because it was hurting him being dragged on the floor Mummy”.

I had visions of her as an old lady wheeling her sausage dog along in a discarded push chair (not sure why it would be a sausage dog particularly) and had a moment’s alarm, but she seemed very happy caring for her ‘family’.

tilly and her prams

Kindness is something, that I think, we should value extremely highly. My father always said to me I could be many things but I should always be kind. I’m not sure I always am to be honest, somehow it’s a quaint idea that tends to get lost occasionally when we’re busy trying to get through the day in one piece, but it should be the most important thing shouldn’t it? I’d like to think so.

With any luck Tilly will continue to display her nurturing nature and grow up into a kind and respectful young woman. If she does that I’ll be very happy, even if she does wheel an old dog around in a battered push chair.


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