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Easter Break

The past couple of weeks my life has been a Boden catalogue. Bar the odd work email, it has been entirely about the Family. Of course that comes with many non-Boden catalogue type of things, such as spousal arguments, losing it with kids who mess about at bedtime and the large quantities of red wine (do Boden models drink? Or just survive on air and cucumbers?) So apart from those mitigating factors it’s been bloody brilliant.

We went to Holland on holiday. Odd choice you might say. You’d be wrong. It was amazing. We stayed at Duinrell in Wassenar, it’s about an hour from Amsterdam and is a a kind of hybrid campsite, waterpark and amusement park all in one. We ‘glamped’, that is to say we stayed in a Logententen (a lodge tent for the sake of clarity) and it was wonderful. All wooden rustic glamour and wood burning stoves. We were there for 3 nights and I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.


Of course the best possible thing about being at a waterpark with a gazillion slides of varying speed and fear value is that both him indoors and I released our inner fearless teenager. Well him more than me to be fair, I wasn’t keen on the ‘plughole’, but I gave the Typhoon a run for it’s money. The girls were happy to be in the lazy river, wave pool and the Family and Super slides, in fact we ended up spending about 3 hours in there each day. I felt like a new woman.

Needless to say they loved the amusement park too. I’m not big on rollercoasters but the girls seem to be, although I’m still not convinced Eliza was big enough to go on the one that went completely upside down about 3 times.

We then went and stayed a couple of nights with him indoors’s uncle in Amsterdam and got to see a lot of his Dutch family including his cousin’s daughter, an utterly adorable toddler who Eliza kept trying to pick her up and carry all the time. We went to Nemo, the science museum too and spent the whole day there. The kids were in their element. We made potions and learnt about the brain. Who knew that could be so much fun? Uncle Graham taught Eliza to play Chess “Don’t just let me win” she said. He tried not to, but she is her father’s daughter…


We stopped in Bruges for lunch on the way home. I found Sally’s post about 5 things to do in Bruges pretty helpful and if we’d had more time we would certainly have hit the Chocolate Museum, but we made do with a lovely lunch and a chocolate shop instead (good job I’m not a Boden model).


Then today and yesterday was me and Tilly time. Eliza is staying with her Aunt/Godmother, she was so excited about going bless her, him indoors is spending quality time with his mum so it’s just me and Tilly. We didn’t really have many plans so have just been pottering about. We’ve been on egg hunts, playground jaunts, the very exciting Sainsbury’s shop, what more could you want? She’s been gorgeous. She is a massive chatterbox. I’m not sure if I’ve just noticed it more because it’s just me and her or if she’s always trying to talk but being drowned out by her big sister. But put it this way, I know an awful lot about the Easter bunny, a time really long ago ‘when water was unhealthy’ and all the different places in the world she has travelled to and indeed lived in (she’s been to France and Holland and lived in Surrey). More on that in another post.


She’s gorgeous.

And this one’s not bad either.


Yeah you see? Told you it was a all a bit Boden.

Sorry about that.



  1. jonathan sanchez says:

    It’s an adorable post about a clearly adorable family.

  2. What a wonderful post. It sounds like you had an amazing time. I absolutely love that photo of Uncle Graham and Eliza playing chess – definitely one to treasure. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo :) x

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