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Let It Rain!

I’m really glad it rained today. No I am, really glad. That’s because I have reached an age where I’m grateful that the garden gets a good soak. The new shrubs I planted are nicely settled in with rain. I’m officially middle aged. Tilly and I got soaked coming out of the cinema, I smiled inside, thank God the wisteria was getting a nice drink.

weather quote

However I would really like it not to rain tomorrow. Is that possible? I’d really appreciate it Mr Weather Commander if you could just make that happen for me. I don’t ask much of you. I really don’t mind the rain, the hail, the freakishly hot days in March, the frost that follows the night after and kills my geraniums in a slow and painful way, no honestly, I’m not bitter IN ANY WAY. I’m vaguely intrigued by the weather rather than annoyed by it. But tomorrow let it not rain.

We’re having the family up for lunch. There are many children. I wanted to do an Easter Egg hunt and play the game I was sent by Waitrose. It looks like fun and I have approximately 50,000 chocolate eggs that need a home. But a dry one preferably.

In the event it might actually not rain and you were thinking of an Easter game too, try the Waitrose one. It’s a treasure hunt-y type affair. A bit more involved that normal smash and grab egg hunt scenario, but that’s good right? A bit of education thrown in.

Weirdly Tilly doesn’t like chocolate. Or not vast quantities of it anyway. This does not bode well for me. I will be forced, FORCED I tell you to eat her eggs.

Just pretty

Just pretty

After the Easter I’ve had so far (given it’s been just me and my non-chocolate-eating-daughter-who-I-bought-easter-eggs-for-anyway, I will be running a lot next week. And eating nothing but air and cucumbers. We’ve had a lovely few days together, but we both decided we’d quite missed Eliza and him indoors.

“Tilly are you excited to see Eliza again tomorrow?”

“Yes Mummy. And Daddy”

“Yes me too.”

“But I love you Mummy.” Bless.

All back together again tomorrow. Marvellous.


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