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Futile things I say to my girls

1. Night girls remember it’s Saturday tomorrow so you don’t need to get up early!
2. I know you’re watching TV but wouldn’t you like to come and brush your teeth, get ready for bed and have a story?
3. Please don’t drop your food on the floor
4. Please don’t drop the towel on the floor after you’ve washed your hands.
5. I’ll just tidy up the house and it will be all nice for the weekend
6. We have a whole three days girls, it’s going to be so relaxing!
7. Shall we give these old toys that you never play with and had entirely forgotten you had to the charity shop?
8. I’d really like it if you didn’t draw on the walls. You are so grown up now afterall.
9. Mummy’s just going to sit down for a few minutes and have a nice cup of tea, you go and play nicely together.
10. Play nicely together.

However this I will say with every confidence. I have Mad Men on the planner, a glass of wine in my hand and the evening to myself. Life is good and not at all futile.



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