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24 Sleep Issues?

Yeah stock cubes at bedtime!

Yeah stock cubes at bedtime!

There’s something in the air today besides the sun. It’s something that causes little girls to have trouble getting to sleep. It’s something that causes me to get a great glute workout running up and down the stairs.

Eliza has a new thing at bedtime. We have 2 chapters of whichever book we’re reading (James and the Giant Peach currently) then we each say three things we’d like on our holiday. Tonight I had:

- somewhere interesting to explore
- a water slide
- a nice long sleep

She had:

- lots of tasty food
- a two hour plane ride so we can read more of her book
- no horses (as they might stamp on her feet. Random).

She then asked me to do my impression of the Winx sign. If you don’t know Winx you are very lucky. It’s the most godawful programme ever created for children. Quite aside from the fact they wear crop tops and hot pants and platform boots, the animation is truly awful. I don’t ban it though because in a funny kind of way I quite like the fact the Winx are gutsy girls who use their magic powers for good things, so maybe it’s not the most awful. Yeah I know. Rubbish mother, I should stop her watching it. But I know I won’t.

Anyway my impression has her falling about laughing, so she gets all hyped up again and can’t sleep. I eventually leave her room after many, many ‘smudgies’ (head massage to you and me), only to find Tilly awake but lying across her threshold in dramatic fashion. She can’t sleep either. I put her back in bed and sing her the ‘sleepy song’, a made up mash up of several nursery rhymes with bespoke lyrics that rhyme with Tilly. One day when she’s got kids she’ll sing a version of it to them, either that or she’ll realise that her mother couldn’t really sing or make up a decent song.

Eventually I get back downstairs to catch up with Eastenders (my guilty pleasure), only to have 2 visits from Eliza who needs the loo but can’t go upstairs because ‘well you know Mummy, it’s just a bit, you know, sort of shiny’ I have no idea what she’s talking about. Then again because she’s ‘forgotten how to get to sleep Mummy’. I tell her you close your eyes and breath. She tries it.

I think it’s worked, they are both quiet.

So now I’m watching 24. I just can’t get over the fact that Kiefer Sutherland was at some point last year in Kennington. By the tube station. South London just seems so quaint in comparison to the normal 24 plots and locations. But the bit that really showed it up in all it’s unrealistic Hollywood glory was the instruction by Jack Bauer to his side kick to get to Waterloo, from Kennington, in 4 minutes. By car. That’s just not possible. Not even for Jack Bauer. Sorry guys but you don’t know London.


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