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Bit Bored Of Mummy

And so I find myself in 2015 sitting at a new (old) kitchen table, in a new (to me) kitchen in a new (to me) house. I have a view of my lovely garden and I’m working for my new company that I set up with my business partner. Goodness how things change. This time last year I was probably sitting in an office in London, going home to my old house, and wondering when would be a good time to resign. It wasn’t a very easy start to the year, and it was a bit of a rollercoaster one way or another throughout, but it ended very well indeed.

We finally moved house, there are many reasons why and anyone who knows me knows the real reason but for the purposes of this blog we just found a house we liked more. Which is actually true. Moving was about as stressful as it always is when you’re dealing with estate agents who seem unable to be honest with you, and a succession of purchasers who decide that actually no they don’t want to buy your house after all. Coupled with setting up a business the whole situation became rather tense, but we managed and we moved and we are very happy.

My girls seem to be growing up by the day. I mean obviously they are, that’s clearly what happens to any life form, we grow older each day, but if you have young children you’ll know what I mean. I think the biggest give away of their increasing age is the fact that over the holidays they stayed in bed ‘late’ (if late is 7 and 7.50am for Tilly & Eliza respectively). They were positively teenage! Him indoors and I also had the whole Christmas and New Year period off and we were blissfully able to wake up naturally, spend most of the morning in pj’s watching kids films and generally pottering about with the girls. It really is the very best time in the world.

In fact as the holidays ended and the girls were thinking about going back to school and I had these conversations:

“Will you be taking us to school tomorrow Mummy?”

“No darling, I’ve got to go to work, our au pair will be” (she has a name but probably not fair to use it here without asking, and I can’t be bothered to ask)

“Oh good!”

“Oh, don’t you want me to take you?” why am I so NEEDY?

“Well I’ve spent all holidays with you so I’m a bit bored of you now.”

Fair enough. No one can say my kids aren’t independent. And after 2 weeks I bore myself.

Tilly had this to say.

“Mummy I want to give my teacher a present because I really missed her.” Now she tells me. Good job I have a re-gifting cupboard.

And so we are all back to the semblance of a routine, although running my own business means a regular routine is rather a thing of the past, but that’s how I like it.



  1. Good luck with your new business Holly and happy new year. Mich x

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