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Half term and other stuff

Half term is always a bit of juggle with work and wanting to spend time with the girls. I’m always half looking at my email and half making sure Tilly isn’t getting herself lost. Well that was in the days when I had official ‘days off’. Now I don’t really have those. Being your own boss means you never really switch off, but today I managed some time where I really actually did.

I took the girls to Chessington Zoo (I kid myself they are protecting the animals and doing valuable good things that mean it’s not cruel but kind). A few rides were open and I ended up winning an massive soft toy pig that the girls desperately wanted and I inevitably ended up carrying round all afternoon. It was one of the best days I’ve had with them for ages. Just fun. And lots of it.

We also managed a family day out on Tuesday, we went to the beach at Littlehampton. The sort of typical eccentric thing English people do really isn’t it? Go to the beach in February. But it was a beautiful day. Eliza is very much into finding treasures at the beach. She found all manner of fish skeletons and crab legs and other things.

“Look Mummy, this is really amazing!”

“Yes I’m sure it is. Er what is it?”

“A fish intestine! We’re VERY lucky to find it!”

Yes indeed we were. We were also VERY lucky to take it home in the boot of the car and even luckier to stop half way and ditch it because we were all about to throw up from the smell of rotting fish innards in the car.

The art of building sandcastles, moats and decorating the castle with shells never seems to grow old either.





I’ve loved every stage of being their mother so far, it’s not all been a walk in the park though, but now feels really special. They are great company, not just when we talk about fish innards, but when we chat about the world around us. They make you appreciate things you never really realised were there and they make you think about WHY. Granted sometimes this can get ever so slightly annoying. It can also verge on the philosophical. I was asked the other day about the disparity between science and religion.

“How come the bible says that God created man, but we know that dinosaurs existed? Where do the dinosaurs fit in to God creating the world? And what about cavemen?”

I have to say I was rather stumped on that one. I’m not quite ready for that kind of question from my children. So I just said that the bible was not entirely accurate in everything it says but is roughly a guide to being a decent human being (there are goodies and baddies right?) but not necessarily an accurate portrayal of history. I have to be extremely straight with Eliza, she won’t buy anything that doesn’t sound grown up and logical. It’s exhausting at times, because I simply can’t remember having these type of conversations with my mother, but I’m sure I did. Or maybe I just wasn’t as curious as my daughter. Who knows.

Case in point, I was just called up to Eliza’s room and asked:

“What’s the most recent word to have been invented?”

“Oh goodness I’m not sure, I’d have to look it up.”

“Well can you then? Actually I think it’s probably metamorphosis, because it’s kind of weird with lots of letters”

“Actually that’s probably quite an old word because it’s connected to scientific discoveries that were made many years ago. I reckon it’s something like ‘podiumed’, as in when someone in the Olympics wins a medal they say they ‘podiumed’ which sounds absurd but seems to be used.”

“Hmmm, ok. Night.”

Indeed. Goodnight.



  1. Lovely holls. Xxx

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