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First off I’m delighted that I managed to figure out how to access this blog again. I thought it was lost and gone forever and that the world would be left without any more of my hugely talented writing. But NO the universe was looking on at me and indeed you with love.


And this is all down to mindfulness. Yeah of course it is. It has nothing to do with my logical approach to finding the information which is of course in no way logical, because if it was then it wouldn’t be mine.

So any way mindfulness. To be honest I was feeling so overloaded with the sheer amount of crap in my life. Problems that weren’t really there but that MIGHT be there at some point if various other things didn’t quite work in the way I wanted them to. Which led me to buying a book in the discount book store called Mindfulness, Six weeks to inner calm. I mean who wouldn’t want to read that? 6 weeks – is that all it really takes to be at one with the world and your place in it? Blimey it’s gotta be worth £2 along with some other cheap crap for the kids.

So for the first 2 chapters it was all great. I mean it’s a great principle isn’t it? No past, no future, only now exists so therefore just BE and quit worrying about stuff that has happened and you can’t change and stuff that you worry might happen but then again might not and anyway it doesn’t exist yet. So simple, so sensible, so massively unlikely to land with me given that I always have a hundred things in my head at any given time.


But as I say it was working well. I was being a mindful parent. Fully engrossed in the story Tilly was telling me, despite having heard it several times before. I was happy to detangle Eliza’s hair in a mindful way, each strand at a time, and remain calm at her protests. In fact to be fair the kids did notice it too.

“Mummy are you ok?”

“Yes I’m perfectly fine darling. Why do you ask?”

“You seem a bit weird.”

“I’m being in the moment darling.”

“Hmm..well can you stop being in the moment and get me a snack. Please.”

I think it’s helping my parenting.

But then I hit a problem. I forgot to get their uniforms ready. Because I was so caught up in the moment (which had in fact been spent watching Game of Thrones) that the washing didn’t happen. So then I had a challenge. How does one plan when one is being mindful in the moment? It’s a dilemma. But apparently there is such a thing as mindful planning. Focus on what you need to plan rather than getting distracted by all the other shit you have to do. Another wonderfully simple solution to life.

So I’m doing the washing mindfully, I’m watching Game of Thrones mindfully, I’m being a mindful parent, I’m feeding the cat mindfully, I’m cleaning the kitchen floor, hoovering, ironing, making beds, cooking food, packing pack lunches, driving the kids to school, going to work, coming home and collapsing very very mindfully. Wow. How much easier it all is when done MINDFULLY. I even had a very mindful argument with him indoors about emptying the dishwasher the other day.

And when all that mindfulness is done, I get to do something that seems to be making a genuine difference to my life. I have found a wonderful Yoga class that does seem to be having a rather positive effect on me.

But on a serious note I have to say that simply being more positive about things does seem to make a difference to the way the universe behaves around you. I mean even at work we seem to be flourishing and I’m naive enough to believe this is because of our attitude, we’re sickeningly happy and positive. Even when changing the ink cartridges on the printer, which frankly was always my ambition when I set up the business.

By the way I am also growing vegetables mindfully. I’m hoping when we eat the tomatoes, runner beans and courgettes they will impart their mindfulness to our inner selves via our digestive tracts.


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