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Thank you Kelloggs Nutri-Grain – you understand my life


Breaking my blog silence for this one. I know it’s a PR story but fair play to the PR agency because any normal mum (without 24 hour support and on tap help) will feel bloody knackered by the time they get to work and no one but no one will really give a shit about that apart from another mum maybe.

There’s a sense of drowning, of never getting it right, of failing in every aspect of your life. Then you get home and the house needs tidying and cleaning and the dinner needs cooking but before that the washing up needs doing and the cats need feeding and depending on the day the beds need changing and the kids uniforms need washing, or the project they forgot about needs ‘helping with’. But that’s never enough because you haven’t paid a parking fine, or the school lunch money or arranged child care for half term or got a babysitter for the dinner you said you’ll go to.

Even if you do manage to get all that done then you remember you didn’t take the cat to the vet, you forgot to pick up a prescription, there’s no food in the fridge to make dinner with, and you have forgotten to let someone (a client, a new client, a friend, your husband) that you can’t make the meeting/coffee/date. And worse of all you’re out of wine. FFS.

I mean really?! I can totally believe we spend an extra 10 hour and 15 mins a day doing this crap and that I burn 300 calories on top of the normal burn each day. And yes I’m HANGRY most mornings. If Kellogs Nutri-Grain’s new recipe can solve this for me then bring it on Mr Kellog. Open arms are right here.

The PR people have made a video that you can view here.


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