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Lockdown #2: keep on keeping on

Learn a new language, learn to knit, spend time with your wonderful kids, build an online business. Just some of the helpful suggestions available to me on social media, after the compulsory ‘oh have you tried Joe Wicks??’ (no actually, I run every day so there).


I’m getting by day to day. I’m working bloody hard, we have clients still very much in business and expecting and needing us to be focussed on them more than ever. I’m trying (failing) to help the girls with school stuff. I’m cleaning, cooking, gardening and watching boxsets.

I’m painting. I’m grateful for this hobby right now. It’s pure escapism.

But I won’t come out of this with a new skill (unless you count eating Blue Ribands) or a new and deeper understanding of who I am. I know who I am already. I enjoy solitude more than could be healthy, so I don’t need it enforced to realise this. The amount of people who crave company is interesting. I like chatting to friends and family on the phone but I don’t feel the need to see them too. Are my deep rooted anti-social tendencies coming through? Will I be found out as a lazy friend and crap sister and a rubbish daughter? Maybe. But maybe those people who matter know this about me anyway and won’t be surprised to know I love the guilt free permission to be all the above.

Each day I run and I get the paper for my neighbour, I have a call with my team and then the day is a mix of work, parenting and life. Not that different from normal life really.

So I’m going to keep on keeping on and I will be the same Holly I was before when this is over. But hopefully a bit fitter and probably an alcoholic.


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