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Family Day Out: The Natural History Museum

The Earth Galleries at the Natural History Museum

It’s not often that the whole family gets a whole day together, in fact lately it’s been very rare what with him indoors’ work, birthday parties, ballet rehearsals and all the other things that we call life. So today we decided that we’d do something all together. Rather than the usual suspects; Box Hill, National [...]

The Lost Art of Collages (or Just a Post About My Girls)

The girls together

It’s been an interesting couple of days. A ridiculous sounding virus called ‘Slapcheek’ has covered Eliza in a rash and has given her the literal appearance of slapped cheeks. At least I think that’s what it is, the doctor didn’t really know when I took her in on Monday. Said she had a ‘non-specific viral [...]

Beavers and Birds

No it’s not a new lads mag or something for the top shelf, this is after all a mummy blog. But this week I visited 2 places that I felt sufficiently strongly about to write about them here. Not bad going really since I rarely get off my metaphorical blogging arse to write reviews about [...]