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Growing Together or Anger Management

There are times in my life when I really do have to dig very deep to remember that I am in fact an adult,  I’m an adult and I don’t stamp my feet, I don’t shout and scream, I don’t throw wobblers, I don’t slam doors and I don’t speak to people I love in [...]

Childcare dilemmas

I am just a normal working mother, with my own healthy share of unhealthy mother guilt, strange behaviour (probably not for public consumption), I can be slightly delusional (Don Draper’s real right?) and I have a slightly obsessive love of dry shampoo. Most of my problems I create for myself, my middle toe is currently [...]

The night terrors

They start at about midnight and come and go throughout the night, as I lie in my bed with a million worries and thoughts spinning through my head I pray silently that they will pass and everyone will go back to sleep. But it rarely happens and then as the night goes on I give [...]