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The great crawl forward

The empty raisin box taunted her as it sat disgarded by the toddler.  Just out of the grasp of her chubby little hand.  A shrill scream and a look of utter disdain at Mummy was met with a ‘no I’m not helping you, you can get it yourself’ sort of look.  Ok Mummy I’ll show [...]

Holiday snaps or Motherhood: another late gallery entry

Back from our wonderful, far-too-quick holiday, in which I remembered why I love being a mother (and okay a wife too).  I saw the joy and wonder as my toddler learnt new things, saw new things said new things and I saw innocent excitement as my beautiful baby started to crawl (well sort of) and [...]

The un-pushy parent

I am the type of mother who firmly believes in letting her children go at their own pace.  People do ask me if my 10 month old baby is crawling (forwards) yet and when I say no I invariably get told she’s either lazy or a bit ‘late’ in developing.  This is coupled with a look of slight [...]

Dilemmas. Advice required. Please

Well 3 to be precise. Can I just bore you with these for a minute?  Thanks. 1. The Little Film Club.  Is this working?  I said when I started it I’d give it a go for a few weeks and see if it was a go-er.  Personally I love looking at the films and am enjoying [...]

Insult my children and feel my wrath! (& Little Film Club prompts)

Morning all! Wasn’t that just the best weekend? Don’t know about you but in my little part of the world the sun was on full beam and it was like proper Summer. So I was in a great mood until my Nanny arrived.  I am not going to work today as sadly I have a [...]