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You know you’re a mummy when…

I stumbled across this blog today and I hope the author doesn’t mind but I thought it was so incredibly, freakily like my life that I wanted to continue the list with a few of my own. Feel free to add – it’s good to know you’re not alone.  So here goes.. You know you’re [...]

Tea Party

I don’t know much about the American midterms aside from the fact that right now a Democratic president is confronted by a Republican dominated congress (and even that little bit I googled), but I have heard much talk of tea parties, well The Tea Party movement to be exact. Again I don’t know a great [...]

Wow, I feel like a real mum!

sheknows.com I had today off work.  I have most Friday’s off, in theory.  But any working parent will know the blackberry/office/phone is never far away.  Just a second away from bringing you down and bursting your mummy bubble. It certainly tried to bring me down today, gave it its best shot.  But I stood firm after [...]

Dancing with Rabbit

Monday morning and Mummy is yesterday’s news.  I get a little bit of ‘No Mummy not go to work!’ with some fake tears when our nanny arrives, but within 2 minutes she’s forgotten me and is telling the nanny all about the weekend. “We went swimming with Mummy and Daddy and I jumped on Daddy!” [...]

A dose of Mum Flu

Today I have taken a breather.  My husband has been at home and I have been hibernating trying to thrash out this mum flu that has finally felled me.  Today I am not a mummy, I am a child who wants looking after. As a mother I don’t get the ‘opportunity’ to be ill very [...]